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I absolutely love decorating for Christmas but it can be hard sometimes to get that neat and tidy look that I want. Sticky tack can peel off paint, push pins put holes in the walls, tape can damage both the wall finish and the item I’m hanging…there are so many challenges when getting my home holiday-ready.

That’s why I was delighted when 3M’s Command Brand shared some of its favourite tips for making Christmas decorating easy and effective. There’s no dilemma too big for Command!

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Mistletoe Mishap

Love sneaking a holiday kiss under the mistletoe, but have a hard time stopping the little loves buds from falling down? Keep those kisses coming (and the mistletoe where it belongs) with Command wire hooks and show gravity who’s boss.

Greeting Card Conundrum

Every year, you look forward to receiving a slew of greeting cards from friends and family. With your fireplace mantle usually jam-packed by the time Santa comes to visit, appreciate all the glory from those seasons’ greetings by creating a holiday card collage on your wall with Command poster strips. Your neighbours will wish they thought of it!

Dinnertime Despair

It’s a treat to set the table for the holidays with favourite festive tablecloths and dishes. With a full house of family and friends, there’s a lot of activity and movement, including that beloved tablecloth. Keep your straight solution a secret from your guests (and avoid those ugly table cloth clips!) with Command picture hanging strips. It’ll be our little secret.

command mini hooksI received an assortment of Command Brand items to help decorate my home in style and I can’t believe how many uses I found for the various products. My personal favourite was the Poster Strips. Our family living room has one entire wall dedicated to the crafts my boys make at school and in the past I used pushpins to hang the crafts on the wall. It worked fine but I knew one day I would regret having filled my wall with pinholes. Those days are over thanks to Command and I love that the strips provide damage-free clean removal too!

The Wire Hooks and Mini Hooks are another favourite in our household since they are so incredibly versatile. From hanging Christmas decorations on the walls to using as robe hooks in the boys’ bedrooms to sticking up in the kitchen for dishtowels, there are just so many uses for these clever hooks!

If you’re finishing off your Christmas decorating, check out the assortment of products from Command and stop by the Command Facebook page to see how they can make the job easier. From Wreath Hooks to Picture Hanging Strips, there are tons of products to help you have your house Christmas-ready in a flash!
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2 thoughts on “Decorate Like a Professional with 3M Canada’s Command Brand Products”

  1. These are incredible. We have a few of each kind. And not just for decorating but everyday use.
    I’ve had to replace the nails on kids coat rack more times than I can count, even with wall plugs to help them stay in . The wall looks like swiss cheese behind it. But I put a couple of these up in the bedroom for their dress-up clothes and they have survived the test. The boys take the hooks off the back and put them on (for fun) but they have also swung from them, so yeah, very sturdy to hold the weight of a 40lb preschooler while his twin brother swings on him.

  2. In my day we used nails and spit to hang up our decorations and we liked it! None of this fanshy-smanshy reusable, non-surface damaging, stress free adhesive that comes in an assortment of styles for all your everyday hanging needs. No siree! Parents today … harump!

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