The First-Ever Canadian Showing of the Luxurious 2013 Ford Super Duty Platinum at Canadian Western Agribition

Growing up in small-town Saskatchewan, I was raised with an appreciation for the farming community. Crops and cattle are a way of life here on the prairies and even those that live in cities have a pretty good understanding of how important farming is to our province.

That’s why ever since I was a child, I’ve enjoyed heading to the Canadian Western Agribition to learn more about agriculture in Saskatchewan. Of course, watching award-winning bull riding and trick horse riding, checking out fancy new farm machinery and enjoying tasty fudge and other special treats is part of the fun too!

Last week, though I hadn’t been in years, I got the chance to head to the Agribition once more. But this time I had a mission! For the first time ever, the 2013 Ford Super Duty Platinum was being shown in Canada and I couldn’t wait to check it out!

me in the ford super duty platinum

The Super Duty Platinum is the ultimate luxury truck and I had the chance to chat with Ford expert Darren Halabisky to learn a little more about it. The design is one that is really meant to exemplify opulence. From the satin chrome accents on the exterior to the plush interior featuring real wood panelling and buttery soft leather seats, there are so many little features in this vehicle that combine to give it a clean, contemporary and luxurious feel.

But of course, while us Saskatchewan folk can appreciate luxury, what we appreciate even more is a truck that has the power to get the tough jobs done. Fortunately, the Ford Super Duty Platinum is fully capable of that too.

ford super duty platinum features

Ford has always been a pioneer at creating vehicles with muscle and this truck is no exception. The 6.2-liter gas V-8 delivers 385 horsepower and 400 lbs of torque while the 6.7-liter turbodiesel provides 400 horsepower and 800 lbs of torque. The result? A truck that delivers best-in-class towing and fuel economy along with unparalleled comfort.

Checking out the Super Duty Platinum really gave me an appreciation for the thought that Ford consistently puts into its vehicles. While this is a truck that has the ability to handle any tough job that’s thrown at it, it is also a truck that spoils the driver with extravagance. After all, needing a truck that’s Ford tough shouldn’t mean saying goodbye to luxury!

7 thoughts on “The First-Ever Canadian Showing of the Luxurious 2013 Ford Super Duty Platinum at Canadian Western Agribition”

  1. we got our truck for two reasons, to pull the boat (our old truck was a 81 and it had a heck of a time getting the boat out of the water some days, but we did sell it right after we got the new truck) and because we too live in a rural area, but hubby works in the city and being unionized and such they do NOT tolerate anyone calling into work saying they can’t come in just because the highways are bad (so to date this winter he’s not missed one day)

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Bina, that is exactly why having a good truck is important! :) On these roads in the winter, it’s almost an essential!

  2. Now that’s one premium ride! Us city slickers would never use something as fanshy as that for some dirty construction job. No sirree! We use our trucks the way our maker intended us to – driving to Costco and stocking up on bulk lots of pillows and bath robes.

    (gotta love that show-truck shine. You can see your cellphone camera in the reflection!)

    1. Lol! It is certainly a truck that’s suited to luxurious outings like that, though it’s got the muscle to do much more. ;) And I totally agree; that new truck shine is amazing (even if does make taking pictures difficult)!

      1. The diesel engine would also be well suited for towing my luxury pleasure craft out to the marina. That’s what us 1% folk do you know? Sail the seven seas while the plebs toil away.

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