Minimize Waste and Keep Food Fresh with the FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealing System

As a stay-at-home mom, I’ve always kept a pretty close eye on the family budget. A little bit of planning can save a lot of money over time and I always have my eyes out for new ways to save money. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I still sometimes find that food goes bad before it is eaten. So when I got the chance to test out the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System V3460, I was thrilled.

foodsaver 3460This handy little countertop appliance features an upright design to save space and comes with one 11”x10” FoodSaver roll, three Quart-sized FoodSaver bags and two Gallon-sized FoodSaver bags so that I could start packaging food right away. It’s designed to prevent freezer burn in frozen foods, maximize freshness and make portioning and sealing bulk foods quick and easy. I’ve always wanted to try a FoodSaver, mainly because I buy in bulk whenever possible, so the next time I went grocery shopping, I made sure to pick up a package of whole chicken to separate and seal with the device.

The nice thing about the FoodSaver Vacuum System is that it is so versatile. While I quickly and easily packaged the chicken for the freezer, I found a wealth of information about other ways I could use my FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System V3460 as well. I loved the idea of using the system to seal peeled ripe bananas in either the fridge or the freezer and I also liked the idea of packaging breakfast sandwiches so that they could be stored ready to heat in the fridge for busy mornings. I also appreciated tips about pre-freezing foods before sealing. By freezing fruits and vegetables on a tray before placing in a FoodSaver bag, for example, the produce stays separated and damage to delicate-skinned items is minimized.

foodsaver bagsThe versatility of this device and the longevity it adds to food really is incredible and while I love using it to seal meat for the freezer, I think my favourite use for my FoodSaver is actually to seal cheese for the refrigerator. While cheese lasts only a week or two in the fridge normally, it can last for months after being resealed with the FoodSaver Vacuum System! And best of all, I could even use the bag’s sealing system to reseal chips and crackers after opening the bag! The different settings help to create a perfect seal whether food is moist or dry and there is even a handy marinate setting for infusing food with flavour in a flash.

The FoodSaver Vacuum System would make a great gift for anyone on a budget since it’s so helpful at reducing wasted food in a household and it really makes storing food more convenient too. In fact, many people have found non-food uses for their FoodSaver systems too; I love the idea of sealing a winter emergency kit in a FoodSaver bag to ensure that it’s protected from moisture! If you’ve always wanted to buy one of these handy systems but weren’t sure if it was worth the money, I really do recommend giving it a try. When food is properly sealed, it tastes great and stays fresh much longer and that’s something that any busy mom can appreciate!
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10 thoughts on “Minimize Waste and Keep Food Fresh with the FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealing System”

  1. Give it time. Soon it will stop working, and you will be foolish enoug to replace it with another one. In the meantime, you will waste about 2.5 inches of bag just to seal each side, and if you are skilled enough, you might even get all of the air out before it seals the bag.

  2. Christine @MommyMatter

    I’ve looked at these bad boys for several years now but just couldn’t justify getting. They surely are an amazing idea and something I know I’d use but I never have left overs or anything of the sort since I do groceries daily and only buy what we will eat that day to save ourselves on waste. They are definitely cool!

  3. I’ve been wanting one of these for years as everything I put into freezer bags somehow manages to get freezer burn and our food just doesn’t taste as good. Will be looking for some Boxing Day deals this year. This FoodSaver model looks pretty compact which I like as we don’t have a lot of counter space.

  4. I have wondered about these a little, and am really happy to have come across a hands-on description like this one. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it!!

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