Find Fresh Fashions for your Children at La-di-da Boutique

cdec black plaid tunic dressIf you have a fashion-forward little boy or girl and you’re looking for the trendiest outfits for your child this holiday season, look no further than La-di-da! This New Jersey-based store with an online boutique features the hottest children’s fashions from favourite designers including Caramel Baby and Bonpoint.

I took a look at the store to see what kind of clothing it had to offer. I immediately swooned over items like the CdeC Black Plaid Tunic Dress and Candy Cardigan. With stylish plaid pieces and bright solids, the looks from CdeC were trendy and fresh. But while the prices were great, dresses weren’t what I needed for my boys!

ferd rust patch cardiganFortunately, unlike many online children’s clothing boutiques, has an incredible selection of boys’ clothing as well! I especially loved the Ferd Rust Patch Cardigan. The colour is unique but still wearable and the patches on the elbows add great contrast. I could just imagine how cute it would look on Benjamin during the holidays!

I was really impressed by the great selection of designer children’s clothing that was available at La-di-da and with tons of great sales on right now and a Buy One Get One Free offer on everything in the store, finding stylish winter fashions has never been easier. Check out the selection for yourself and see what cute outfits would be perfect for your child!
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7 thoughts on “Find Fresh Fashions for your Children at La-di-da Boutique”

  1. I love they ship to Canada and love the cardigan with red elbows. I think sweaters like that are always so adorable and look dapper on kids!

  2. My daughter is very fashion forward. I am not at all. I’ll have to have a peek at the website to see waht they’ve got. I’m always happy when a company will ship to Canada!

  3. In my day us kids would staple carpet swatches together and make our own clothes. We didn’t have any fancy-smanshy shirts with buttons or elbow patches. Who do these whippersnappers think they are putting on airs like that? Harumph!

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