LittleEcoFootprint Will Let You Discover New Eco-Friendly Products for Mom and Baby Every Month

For the most part, I always try to make eco-friendly choices when I’m choosing products for my boys. I do this partly because I like to try to minimize my family’s impact on the earth but even more because I want to make sure that I minimize the toxins that come into contact with my boys. The only problem is that finding great eco-friendly products can sometimes be a challenge, especially living in small town in a rural area.

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That’s why I was so excited when LittleEcoFootprint chose me as one of a handful of fabulous Canadian women to be one of the company’s Mom Blogger Experts. LittleEcoFootprint is a brand new company that delivers boxes of carefully selected eco-friendly products for moms and babies right to your door! It sounded like a program that I would absolutely love and I was so excited to be a part of it.

This new monthly subscription boxes cost just $25 per month and each one contains between $35 and $45 in products. And the price includes free shipping too! But the best part is that boxes are tailored to the age of your baby so that you always get products that are perfect for you. Discovering safe and natural products for your little ones has never been easier!

LittleEcoFootprint will be launching in February and is accepting signups right now so that you won’t miss one month of fantastic products. So make sure you check out the LittleEcoFootprint website to be added to the early invite list so that you can be one of the first to discover all kinds of amazing eco-friendly products. And keep an eye out for lots of great tips and information from LittleEcoFootprint over the coming months!
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2 thoughts on “LittleEcoFootprint Will Let You Discover New Eco-Friendly Products for Mom and Baby Every Month”

  1. I love these monthly subscription services where you get monthly surprise goodies! If only I had the unlimited budget for all of them! This one sounds great.

  2. I’m not totally convinced on the concept of eco products, but it’s good to see companies are trying new ideas to provide choice for consumers.

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