Make Quick and Customizable Holiday Beverages with Soda Stream

I am really not a fan of soda. I dislike it not only because it’s full of sugar and caffeine, but also because it results in the production of a large number of wasteful plastic bottles. And while I don’t mind drinking soda water, I find myself getting annoyed by the idea that I’m basically paying for carbonation. That’s why the idea of a Soda Stream system always intrigued me. Recently I got to test out the Soda Stream Genesis Starter Kit and I couldn’t wait to see how it worked.

soda stream genesis starter kitThe Soda Stream has been offering an eco-friendly alternative to store-bought soda for the last decade. My initial thought about the device was that while it did eliminate the wasteful plastic bottles, using it would still mean I was giving my kids a drink that wasn’t especially healthy when using the machine to make soda. So I was thrilled to learn that Soda Stream syrups contain less sugar and caffeine than store-bought soda brands. And the system even offers flavourings for water that are completely free of calories and sugar!

Assembling the device took mere minutes and because it uses a pressurized CO2 canister, the machine doesn’t require electricity. Counter space in my small kitchen is pretty limited so I was delighted to have the option of putting the Soda Stream Genesis wherever I wanted without having to make sure it was near an outlet.

The machine doesn’t come with syrup but as it happened, I had some lime syrup at home so I used it to make a bottle of soda for my boys. The best feature of the Soda Stream, in my opinion, was the tremendous versatility I had when making beverages. I was in complete control of the amount of syrup, the level of carbonation and even the temperature of the beverages I created. And the boys absolutely loved the lime soda that I made for them!

With festive Sodamix flavours including Cranberry and Pomegranate, the Soda Stream Genesis system is a must-have for creating easy holiday cocktails for kids or adults and it would make a great gift for your favourite family too. Check out the Soda Stream Canada for yourself and enjoy a carbonated beverage that’s better for you and for the environment!
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3 thoughts on “Make Quick and Customizable Holiday Beverages with Soda Stream”

  1. I’m the same as you, not a fan of coke but my sister has a soda stream and it makes quite a lot of drinks I enjoy that aren’t “pop”

  2. This is the device I need. As a Diet Coke addict this would leave a far smaller carbon footprint than the one I am leaving now!

  3. Sounds like the right accessory for making home made cola. Now someone needs to make a home rum brewing device and I will be all set

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