You Could Be a Playtex Mommyville Mom of the Month

I really found that after I became a mother, my focus was on myself a lot less and on my children a lot more. They were the centre of my universe and no matter what I was doing, they were always in the back of my mind. That all-encompassing concern for a child is all part of the wonderful experience of being a parent, but too often us moms don’t really receive recognition for the many things we do for our children.

That’s why Playtex Mommyville introduced the Mom of the Month (MOM) program. Over the next year, Playtex Mommyville will feature one deserving mom each month on its Facebook page and share her wisdom with other mothers!

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So how can you become the Mom of the Month? It’s easy! Just visit the Playtex Mommyville Facebook page and answer three quick questions about being a mother. Upload a picture of yourself and you’re done! The next month, you may just find yourself featured as the Mom of the Month.

The best part is that the program will be running all year long, so you can apply every month for your chance to be featured as the MOM. And make sure you stop by and show some support to the other deserving Moms of the Month too!

I am so excited about this great program that will be recognizing some of the many wonderful moms in Canada and I can’t wait to see who will be chosen as the very first MOM. Make sure you get your application in because it just might be you!
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