Start the New Year’s Resolution by Winning a Holiday Contest

As expensive as the holiday season gets, it can be difficult for you to consider it as the most wonderful time of the year. When the holidays come around, vows are made that the spending will remain on budget and every New Year’s Eve, a resolution is made to be more disciplined with money for the following year.

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Part of that New Year’s resolution could be upheld by using a new website called in order to save you time and money throughout the new year. This online resource allows you to compare the rates from some of Canada’s leading providers of mortgages, car insurance, and credit cards in order to design your own affordable financial plan.

But why wait until the New Year to use In honour of the spirit of the giving season, the website is launching its first ’12 Days of Piggy in the City’ online contest. This contest places the LowestRates mascot ‘Piggy’ in 12 cities across Canada in front of 12 specific landmarks that are unique to that city on 12 different days. Entrants are asked to submit their guess of which city Piggy is in and in front of what landmark he is standing. For every submission into the contest, $1 will be added to the prize pool up to a maximum of $500.

If you correctly guess the most locations and landmarks, you will be informed of your victory on Christmas Day as a Merry Christmas from LowestRates. As the winner, you have the option to put the $500 prize towards your mortgage payment, your car insurance, or to pay off your credit card balance. However, the $500 will only be reached as the number of entrants increases, so the more people that learn about the contest, the higher the prize will be.

In addition, LowestRates will donate $50 to a local food bank in the winner’s city as part of the commitment to help Canadians, which is ever more valuable during the holiday season. For more information on the contest details, please click here.
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4 thoughts on “Start the New Year’s Resolution by Winning a Holiday Contest”

  1. fun contest, thats for sure, I’ve won a few trips before, it certainly is great when the sponsor tosses in spending money too LOL

  2. That sounds like a really cool website! Even without the hook of a contest I still would have checked them out to see just how good the comparison functionality is.

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