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When Christmas rolls around, I think everyone gets excited about the presents. But in our family, the stockings are just as eagerly anticipated. The fun of choosing just the right items to fill a stocking and the joy of seeing my boys pulling out their treasures is always such a special part of the holidays.


And one of the items that is always included in the stockings of everyone in our family is a much-anticipated LifeSavers Holiday Funbook. These fun holiday-themed book-shaped packages of LifeSavers are a favourite of Zackary and Benjamin and I tend to get excited about them too! It’s obvious LifeSavers knows a thing or two about adding joy to a Christmas stocking and so this year the company has some great stocking stuffer tips to make your holiday easier!

  • Create a new family tradition by including a holiday ornament for the young ones each year. By the time they are ready to decorate their own tree, they will have a set of holiday ornaments that each come with a heartwarming story.
  • Think of size. Include up to two large items in the stocking – have one of the bigger items sticking out of the top and stuff one down to the bottom to make the most of the available space. Squeeze in four to five medium sized items and fill the gaps with ten small items to really make an impressively stuffed stocking!
  • Choose gifts that everyone will love, like the 100th anniversary holiday LifeSavers Funbook! Connect with loved ones by sharing the six rolls of your favourite five flavours found inside or by playing the fun games!
  • Capture a moment. Include a picture of a fun memory like a concert photo, a spontaneous hug or a funny face to spark smiles during unwrapping.
  • Stir up some laughs by tucking in gag gifts. Microwave cookbook for dad, fake tattoos for grandma, or a tween band poster for the rocker sister. Start a funny tradition by including a gag gift that gets passed on each year to someone new!
  • Trick your loved ones into thinking they’re getting…socks! Stuff favourite items into socks to make family members think they’re getting something boring. They’ll be pleased to find a trinket inside after unwrapping.
  • Use leftover holiday paper to wrap each surprise. Unwrapping gifts is always fun and stockings are jam-packed with small items so feel free to put that left over wrapping paper to use.
  • Always add something practical. Fill stockings with gift cards like one to a favourite coffee shop, restaurant or to the movie theatre. Keep in mind items that always come in handy like, a toothbrush, soap and small stationary

lifesavers holiday funbook prize pack

LifeSavers candy is enjoying its 100th birthday this year and to celebrate this monumental event, the company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a fun LifeSavers Holiday Funbook Stocking Stuffer Prize Pack worth $50! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about something you would love to find in your stocking this Christmas.

The contents of my stockings have changed a lot over the years and while my trinkets may have gone from toys to kitchen gadgets, one thing that is always in my stocking is a LifeSavers Holiday Funbook. And I am excited to keep that tradition alive for many more years by making sure that there are always LifeSavers in my boys’ stockings too. Just like these tips, they’re an easy way to add extra fun to a stocking!
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  1. A gift card for the LCBO! Seriously, I would love some divine chocolate treats and some really good coffee! Socks make me happy too!

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