Little Girls Love the Fisher-Price Dora and Baby Boots Stroller Playset

Dora is probably one of the best-know preschool characters of all time and while girls and boys both love following along with Dora’s adventures, she is definitely an especial favourite of most girls.

My nieces are no exception and so when I got the chance to review the brand new Fisher-Price Dora and Baby Boots Stroller Playset, I knew it would make the perfect gift for one of them.

dora and baby boots stroller playsetAnna, the oldest of my sister’s two children, is in Kindergarten and starting to outgrow her once fervent love of Dora the Explorer.

But Izzy, the youngest sibling, is just under three years old and absolutely adores Dora. I decided to give the set to her and she was so excited to have her very own Dora to play with!

What she especially loved about this set was that it included Boots as well as Dora. The loveable monkey is a favourite of hers and she had a great time putting Boots into the little stroller and pushing him around.

She also loved using the characters to act out her favourite episodes of the show or create her own adventures for Dora and Boots.

The Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer collection is available exclusively at Toys’R’Us and has lots of other great Dora dolls and play sets to delight that special Dora fan in your life.

Check out the selection and find a favourite that will let your children have fun with Dora and Boots!

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