Enjoy the Full Flavour of Spirits and Liqueurs with the NEAT Glass

Most people know that the right wine glass can enhance the enjoyment of different wine and that the right beer mug allows for better tasting of ales and pilsners. But not as many people realize that spirits such as whiskeys, tequilas and liqueurs can also be enhanced with the right glass. Spirits tend to have harsher aromas and as a result, they aren’t generally enjoyed at their best. But that’s about to change thanks to the NEAT glass.

neat glassThis glass was created for anyone that enjoys spirits, liqueurs or fortified wine. It’s fairly common knowledge that the sense of smell is the true reason for our enjoyment of a flavour. In fact, it’s said to be responsible for at least 75% of a flavour’s impact. But the sharp alcohol vapour of most spirits makes a proper appreciation of the beverage difficult. The escaping ethanol burns the nose and the full character of the liquid can’t be properly evaluated. The NEAT Glass changes all that. Its unique shape keeps the alcohol molecules around the outside of the glass so that by holding your nose over the centre of the glass, you can get the full richness and aroma of the beverage without the sharp alcoholic bite marring the scent.

My father is a huge fan of whiskey and while he sometimes drinks it straight, he’ll often have his favourite drink on the rocks to reduce the sharpness of the beverage. I am sure that he will love this unique glass which will let him enjoy his beverage without having to bother with ice.

The NEAT glass would make a great gift for any fan of spirits and if you enjoy the flavour of whiskey, brandy or tequila but find it a little harsh unless diluted, this glass is sure to give you a new appreciation for your favourite beverage. Check out this unique glass for yourself at theneatglass.com and learn how it can improve the quality of your spirits with its flavour-enhancing shape!
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  1. I drink Whisk(e)y, Scotch and other such spirits but often out of any ‘ol glass I can find. I should probably invest in a good set of glasses meant for the beverage (those these do look rather funky!)

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