Keep Your Belongings Safe While You Get in Shape This Year with Master Lock-Giveaway

Now that the New Year is here, many people have made getting into shape their goal for 2013. It can be hard to get started but with a little consistency, fitness experts generally state you’ll be looking and feeling better in as little as four weeks. This month, as part of the Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad, I was asked to share some of my favourite tips for getting in shape. Here are my top three tips for starting a maintainable fitness routine:


Start Slow

This is such a basic tip but it’s still one that I often forgot when I was starting a new exercise routine. It doesn’t matter if the activity is something low impact like walking or higher intensity like a spinning class. Suddenly exerting your body when you’re not used to the activity is going to cause stiffness and sore muscles. So starting slow is essential for gradually building up strength and eliminating that initial stiffness. People that try to do too much too soon often give up in pain and frustration before their bodies have had a chance to get used to the new activity.

Make It Fun

A lot of fitness experts talk about rewarding yourself for reaching certain goals or increasing your fitness level. Personally, I think that if the exercise you chose isn’t enjoyable for you, you’re unlikely to keep doing it long-term, no matter how extravagantly you reward yourself. So pick something you really love doing! Some people thrive on the competitive nature of team sports. Others prefer solitary options like running. Personally, I favour social activities like Zumba classes. But whatever you choose, make it something that’s fun for you!

Hit the Gym

If you’re having a hard time creating a routine and sticking to it, a gym membership can be worth the extra expense in exchange for the wide variety of equipment and professional instruction and support you’ll get there. And paying for a membership often provides extra motivation for people to get up and go since not going for that workout means spending money for nothing.

So that you can start your New Year’s workout plan off right, Master Lock is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their own Master Lock 1500i Speed Dial Combination Padlock, perfect for securing a gym locker or any other indoor cabinet or locker. What makes the 1500i Speed Dial lock unique is that instead of using a lengthy numerical combination to secure your belongings, it uses directional movements! Just slide the centre portion of the lock up, down, left and right in the correct order to open your lock in seconds. To enter to win it, just leave a blog comment about your favourite way to stay in shape.

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I’m a big believer that New Year’s Resolutions aren’t a very good idea, but that setting goals for the year ahead can be incredibly effective. And with a little help and planning, increasing your fitness level is a goal that can easily be achieved. So pick an activity you love or one you’ve always wanted to try, set a schedule for yourself so that you don’t try to do too much too fast and make sure your belongings are safe while you’re exercising with one of the great combination Padlocks from Master Lock!
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91 thoughts on “Keep Your Belongings Safe While You Get in Shape This Year with Master Lock-Giveaway”

  1. I like a treadmill and weight training myself but it has been awhile since I have done any of that. Swimming is great too

  2. My favourite way to stay in shape is to ride my recumbant bike. I do love walking, but my arthritis makes it difficult.

  3. My favourite way to work out is walking – preferably not in the rain/snow though although sometimes that is beautiful as well!

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