Let Your Kids Get Goofy with Humerus the Funny Bone

humerus the funny boneMy boys love silly novelty products. Whether it’s a dancing holiday snowman or a singing sunglass-wearing dog, the cheesier the toy, the higher the likelihood that I’ll find both my sons laughing hysterically as they play with it. Humerus the Funny Bone looked like just the type of toy that they’d love and so when I received one to review, it went straight to the boys.

This toy is goofy; there’s really no other way to say it. Humerus responds to clapping noises by telling jokes related to skeletons and bones. Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road? Because he didn’t have the guts of course! And if you don’t appreciate the toy’s sense of humour, he pleasantly reminds you that it’s “no skin off his back.”

I found this little character caused me to do a lot of eye rolling, though I couldn’t help grinning too, but, as I had suspected, the boys found the spiffy comedian absolutely hilarious. They would happily applaud for Humerus the Funny Bone and laugh in utter hilarity when he announced that the skeleton didn’t go to ball because he had no “body” to go with.

If you appreciate cheesy or goofy novelty items, Humerus the Funny Bone is just the thing for you. And it’s a great toy for kids too since most children are huge fans of this style of somewhat obvious comedy. Humerus the Funny Bone is available to purchase online for a limited time only so if you know someone with the right sense of humour to appreciate this toy, it’s sure to make an original and unexpected gift!
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