Keep Your Phone Clean and Your Kids Happy with the KidSafe Smart Phone Cover-Giveaway

A few months ago, I was given the chance to update my severely outdated Palm Pre 2 cell phone with a brand new Samsung Galaxy III thanks to Telus Mobility. I was absolutely thrilled and I have been loving the added functionality and entertainment that the phone provides. And my boys are just as happy about this new phone as I am; with tons of games, cartoons and other apps to entertain them, they would literally play on the phone all day if I let them!

kidsafe smart phone coversIn fact, the only downside of my new phone is that since my boys request the chance to use it at least once a day, it is usually sticky and dirty when I actually try to use it. I’m proud of my pretty new phone and constantly having the screen covered in my boys’ fingerprints was so irritating! So when I got the chance to review the KidSafe Smart Phone Cover from, I was thrilled.

This handy one-size-fits-all phone cover is a simple black pouch with a clear plastic front. By slipping my phone inside, the boys could play with my phone and the phone itself stayed nice and clean. I received the blue-lined cover to review and I slipped my phone into it and handed it to my oldest son to see if he noticed a difference in the way the phone worked. He was soon, as usual, happily playing his favourite racing game and he didn’t mention any issues with using the touchscreen through the plastic cover or with steering the vehicle by holding the case instead of the phone.

I loved the fact that the KidSafe Smart Phone Cover was also padded in case one of my boys accidentally dropped the phone, a fairly regular occurrence in our house. Best of all, when I retrieved my phone and removed it from the case, it was nice and clean and ready to use! The case made me more likely to let my boys use the phone for a few minutes since I knew it would stay clean, something we all appreciated!

boy using kidsafe smart phone wants to help you say goodbye to your sticky smartphone screen, so the company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their very own KidSafe Smart Phone Cover! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about whether you would choose a cover with a pink or a blue lining.

The KidSafe Smart Phone Cover has definitely made me less wary about handing my phone over to my boys and I’m glad that I can keep my phone looking new and fabulous as long as possible. Check out this handy and inexpensive little smartphone cover for yourself and keep your kids entertained while your phone stays clean!
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57 thoughts on “Keep Your Phone Clean and Your Kids Happy with the KidSafe Smart Phone Cover-Giveaway”

  1. Of course, I’m entering this using my phone and Rafflecopter always loads weird so I didn’t see the color choice question until after I clicked that I left a comment. :)

    Either one is good but I guess I’d choose the blue one.

  2. This would be great to have. I am constantly handing my phone over to one of my 4 granddaughters and something like this would be great for helping to keep it clean. I would choose blue :)

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