Have Your Say! Reader Reviews of the Playtex Diaper Genie Elite

Recently I had the chance to share the new Playtex Diaper Genie Elite with fifteen of my fabulous readers! It was a great giveaway and to make it even better, the winners very kindly sent me their reviews of the Diaper Genie Elite for a chance to win a bonus prize. It was so fun to be able to get feedback from other moms on the product and I’m excited to share it with you!

playtex diaper genie elite

I received my new Playtex Diaper Genie Elite a couple of days ago, and I am very happy with it. It was super easy to put together and only took me a couple of minutes. I almost always have to get my husband to help me put things together, but this was so easy I did it myself!

When my daughter was born I had received the regular older version of the Diaper Genie as a baby shower gift and liked it very much. But now that I’ve had the chance to try out the Diaper Genie Elite, I’ve discovered that it is so much better. I love the fact that it is so much taller than the older version; I also love the foot pedal. My daughter is now 2.5 and out of diapers but loves helping Mommy change her baby brother’s diaper because she gets to use the foot pedal to open the Diaper Genie for me! Kudos to Playtex for taking a great product and making it even better with their Elite version.

Lindsay C.

Thank you SO much for the Diaper Genie Elite!! I was ecstatic to win it as my cousin is expecting his first child later this spring and as he and his partner were listing off what they’ve already bought for the baby I noticed that there was one thing missing from the list, a Diaper Genie!! Today they found out the sex and they’re expecting a son. I’m excited for the new arrival to join the family and I’m super excited to provide for them a useful tool in keeping their home odorless.

Sabrina T.

It’s been a week since I have received my Diaper Genie Elite, thanks again :), and I am really loving it! It was super easy to put together and was surprisingly a really good size. I wasn’t expecting it to be that big; I thought it would be about the size of the box. I have listed my pros and cons for it because I thought it would be easier. :)


-Great size
-Nice sleek design
-Easy to put together
-Holds a good amount of diapers between emptying
-Also easy to empty
-Way better than the twist design, less plastic waste
-Holds the smell in well, when lid is closed
-Love the foot pedal


-Cost of refills, I’m not sure how long a refill lasts as of yet.

Oh and I wanted to mention that toddlers love to play with it…lol…for the first couple of days my daughter (1yrs) and my son (2yrs) thought it was great to open and close it, so the smell did leak out often. After the novelty wore off, the smell did stay put. I would definitely recommended the Diaper Genie Elite to anyone with children in diapers and it would also make a great gift for new parents.

Kelli A.

I got my Diaper Genie Elite today and set it up in the nursery right away. I love how easy it is to use and that it takes up so little space. It’s a lot easier than taking every diaper to the garbage in the garage. It seems like it will hold a lot too so it shouldn’t need to be emptied all the time. Thanks for the giveaway.

Rachel N.

Thanks again for the opportunity to sample the Playtex Diaper Genie Elite. I received it 2 days ago and am LOVING it.

The assembly was not hard at all, but I was worried that while trying to snap the 2 pieces together I was going to snap off the cutter piece. After a few tries it snapped together with no damages. The liner insert is easy to set up and start using. I haven’t had to empty it yet, but am sure the removal and restart of the liner is just as easy as the initial set up. It is sooo nice to not smell poopy diapers every time I open the garbage pail to put something in.

So far the Diaper Genie is doing exactly what it is said to do, keeping away the odour. I also love the fact that it is so easy to operate that my 6-year-old can still help me out by disposing of the diaper when I am changing her little sister. My hubby I think has even been converted; he initially said “it’s just a glorified garbage can,” but now he is starting to notice that it is nice to not smell dirty diapers every time you need to throw anything else out, LOL. Our household welcomes the new addition, thanks again!!

Dawn K.

Assembly of the diaper pail was pretty easy. Just follow the instructions and you are good to go. Love the foot pedal for hands free disposal.. so nice to be able to just step on the pedal and drop the diaper in.  Emptying the pail is pretty easy as well.  Just flip the top half open and slide the bag through the cutter! So far it’s been a great diaper pail!

Melanie B.

It was so wonderful to hear reader thoughts on the new Diaper Genie Elite. Thank you all so much! And congratulations to Kelli, whose name was randomly chosen from the reviews I received and will be receiving a $50 Toys”R”Us gift card! But you ladies all did such an amazing job with these reviews that I’m going to send a little something to each of you to thank you for your time and effort, so keep an eye on the mailbox!

A huge thank you to Playtex Mommyville for giving me the chance to give away the Diaper Genie Elite to so many of my readers. I know they’re all very appreciative! If you have a review or thoughts to share on the Playtex Diaper Genie Elite, please feel free to leave them in the comments; I’d love to know how it worked for you.
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