The Venus Embrace Razor-Not Just for First-Time Shavers

When I was a young adult, Gillette introduced the very first Venus razor. It had three blades and an oval head that glided over the skin, making it much easier to use than the disposable razors that my mom favoured. I knew I had to have it and even back then, I felt the Venus difference.

venus embrace razorOver the years, the Venus razor has changed a lot. It now comes with five blades and a variety of styles and features to suit different women with different needs. And recently Proctor and Gamble sent me the Venus Embrace razor so that I could see how I liked it.

The Venus Embrace razor is designed with a first-time shaver in mind. Its curved oval head helps minimize nicks and cuts while the silicone grip handle helps to ensure that the razor glides easily over the skin without slipping out of the hand. It’s essentially a “starter” razor so I was curious to see how it would work for me.

One of my very best tips for achieving silky smooth legs is to always use a body scrub before shaving. It sloughs off dead skin cells so that the razor will cut the hair as close to the skin as possible, resulting in legs that feel smoother and stay that way longer. I used my favourite lemon body scrub on my legs, rinsed it off well, smoothed on my Satin Care shave gel and grabbed the razor.

Now my time in the shower is generally pretty limited. My boys are getting a little better about waiting for me to shower as they get older, but they still have a tendency to suddenly burst into the bathroom as I’m showering, shouting about something they desperately need. Or, even worse, sometimes I don’t hear them at all when I shower, which is always a sign that they’re doing something they shouldn’t be. As a result, I really have to streamline my time.

This is what made the Venus Embrace such a perfect razor for me. I may not be a new shaver, but I’m almost always a rushed shaver and that rushing can lead to nicks and cuts. The Venus Embrace ensured that even when I was speeding through my shaving routine, my legs were smooth, soft and free of nicks and cuts when I was done.

kathryn lavallee blog friends party
When I get dressed up, I want my legs to be silky smooth!

I may be a mother with limited free time, but there are still occasions when I like to get dressed up and show off a little leg. Whether it’s a girls’ night out with my best blogging buddies or a press event for business, I want my legs to look their best. The Venus Embrace lets me do that in record time so that I can get back to being a mom and still feel like a woman.

Have you tried the Venus Embrace razor? How does it work for you?

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23 thoughts on “The Venus Embrace Razor-Not Just for First-Time Shavers”

  1. Im a guy and I considered giving the Venus Embrace a try for my first attempt at smooth legs. Instead, I went with the Venus and Olay razor. I have to admit, it did an excellent job and it was a pretty neat experience having smooth legs for the first time. My legs felt incredible afterwards!

    1. A good razor makes such a big difference A good scrub before you shave is hugely helpful too though; if you haven’t tried it I do highly recommend it! :)

  2. I have always used Venus Razors! This one sounds perfect for me. Three boys ranging from 10-3 doesn’t leave me much time for careful shaves. I don’t get nights out but, I still enjoy the feeling of smooth legs as I slide into bed at night.

    1. Us moms of boys do suffer for peaceful shower time, don’t we? Lol I agree, that’s actually one of my very favourite moments too. Smooth legs and smooth sheets are a divine combination!

  3. Love the pic! I’m a waxer since I do it myself (esthetician!) :) Although since I can’t really bend down and wax anymore with my big pregnant belly in the way and shave may just be easier, LOL! I wonder if hubby would shave my legs? I just asked him. He paused for a moment and said “I guess so”….

    1. I love that pic too; girls’ night at its finest! :) LOL that you asked him that, Erika! Yes, I don’t know how you’d shave or wax right now; luckily it’s winter! Though you might not have much of a chance to shave or wax after the twins are born either! ;)

    2. Hahaha! I just asked my boyfriend the same thing after reading the post and some of the comments. No hesitation whatsoever, he simply said “Sure”! LOL good to know! Does that mean he’s a keeper? Hehe… Love this razor! I don’t think there is a Venus razor I haven’t l liked yet. There line works really well!

      1. Lol! You have a keeper for sure, Tasha! I agree, the Venus line really is amazing. I still remember when the Mach 3 came out when I was a teen and my girlfriends and I were all on pins and needles waiting for the women’s version because we knew it couldn’t be far behind! :)

    1. Rushed showers…sigh! And I totally feel the same way; no one else I’d rather have girls’ night with! We have GOT to come up with a plan for doing it again before October!

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