Inspire Artistic Creativity with Gifts from the Guggenheim

I love toys and games that inspire creativity and coming from a family of artists, I am always looking for ways to inspire my boys’ artistic imaginations. Any talent at visual art skipped me completely but Zackary and Benjamin are both quite proficient artists for their ages so I try to encourage their development every chance I get. And there’s no better way to do that than with gifts from the Guggenheim!

In addition to artwork, jewellery and home decor, the Guggenheim store features only the best educational and artistic toys and games for everyone from babies to adults and I was absolutely blown away by some of the inspiring products the gift shop had to offer. I was lucky enough to receive a Doodletop and the Color Game to review and I had so much fun sitting down with the boys to play with them.

guggenheim color game

The Color Game was a set of cardstock featuring a variety of geometric patterns in different colours. It wasn’t so much a game as it was a way of seeing the way that colours work with one another and it was so interesting to see the way that different colours complimented and contrasted when combined. I found the experience of combining cards in different ways to be very therapeutic for the whole family and it’s something we often do on quiet evenings to relax.

The Doodletop was what I was most excited about, however. This clever little top features a marker at its end so that spinning the top creates spiral designs. This is definitely a much more active game than the Color Game and the boys had a great time taking turns spinning the top to create loops and whirls! The Doodletop comes with five different coloured markers and one top so that kids can create all kinds of colourful pictures.

guggenheim doodletop

The Guggenheim Museum online gift shop also offers art sets, books and hundreds of other art-inspired items that are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. Check out the selection for yourself and inspire your children’s creativity with gifts from the Guggenheim!
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