A Plethora of Eco-Friendly Surprises in the First LittleEcoFootprint Subscription Box

After months of anticipation, the very first LittleEcoFootprint subscriptions boxes have been delivered! I was so excited when I received my subscription box packed with eco-friendly goodies for Mom and Baby and I couldn’t wait to rush home and open it.

LittleEcoFootprint is a Canadian-based subscription box service that delivers eco-friendly seasonal products especially selected to suit your baby’s age every month. Each box is just $25 and contains between $35-$40 in products.

littleecofootprint subscription box

My first box was a great example of just how much fun these boxes are going to be. It contained an adorable natural jalopy wooden car from Bannor Toy Company, a sing-along CD from Caspar Babypants, the latest subscription of Eco Parent Magazine, skin soothing lotion and baby moisturizer from GAIA Natural Skincare, delicious dark chocolates from Mercury Chocolates, a pretty heart shaped pendant from Teething Bling, luxurious Mama Cream from The Pumpkin Seed and a five dollar Baby Organic Joy gift certificate! Best of all, most of the brands in the box offered a special exclusive coupon code too!

I had a hard time deciding what product to try first but in the end my love of chocolate won out and I enjoyed the rich, flavourful Mercury Chocolates with a cup of tea as I leafed through the spring 2013 edition of Eco Parent Magazine. I tested out the other items I had received over the next few days.

benjamin littleecofootprint wooden car

The boys fell in love with the cute wooden car from Bannor Toy Company as soon as they saw it and it has been a central part of their car games ever since. And I have to confess, I felt the same way about the sweet heart pendant teething necklace from Teething Bling. It’s just such a cute accessory for any outfit and the fact it’s safe for a baby is an added bonus.

If you missed out on the first LittleEcoFootprint subscription box, make sure you sign up today so that you don’t miss the next one! With products tailored to the age of your child and special discounts on all your favourite brands, it’s a great way to discover eco-friendly items the whole family will love!
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12 thoughts on “A Plethora of Eco-Friendly Surprises in the First LittleEcoFootprint Subscription Box”

    1. I love that too; discovering new eco-friendly brands is a passion of mine so this concept is right up my alley! And thanks, Nancy! :) I think he’s pretty adorable too, but I may be a WEE bit prejudiced! ;)

  1. Love that the Smart Mom Teething Bling is included in this kit! I have one and it was one of my favorite things when my baby was little :) Surprise boxes are always fun and it’s great that they make them age appropriate too!

    1. Tee hee! That chocolate was SO good! And I am adoring that pendant; I know it’ll be a hit with the niece and nephew I have on the way when they come visit “Auntie Kat!”

  2. I love getting mail, so this would be super awesome to receive monthly!!! I love that you get a variety of new products to test out! When you are a new mom, you hate buying full sizes until you know it works for you!!

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