Getting Value for Insurance Coverage

Most of us consider insurance a notion similar to taxes – we pay a lot of money, yet see little return for that money. Some forms of insurance such as life insurance are optional, though it’s risky for us to live without a plan. On the other hand, auto insurance is a requirement for us to legally drive on the roads.

family feeding birds on beachHowever, our personal situations are unique and finding the right insurance coverage is often more difficult and more expensive than is necessary. Insurance agents are more concerned with commissions and making quotas than helping Canadian families obtain affordable coverage. Fortunately, the internet has made the process easier and websites such as can help us find the most affordable insurance quotes in a matter of minutes.

This is an important service because it reduces the amount of time we need to spend searching for adequate insurance coverage and also lessens the likelihood that insurance agents will upsell features we don’t need. gives us control over how to construct our insurance policy, which means we ensure the policy fits our needs and protects those we care about. And now is making it easier to protect our loved ones with the launch of the ‘My Lucky Valentine Giveaway’ promotion. This promotion lasts throughout all of February, and automatically enters users into a draw to win up to $300 by applying for a life insurance or auto insurance policy. The contest also allows you to refer your friends to increase the number of entries your name is entered into the draw. Each time one of your friends fills out one of the application forms, it increases your chances of winning the prize money.

Insurance may seem like more trouble than it is worth, but by finding the right policy while reducing the time and money we spend acquiring coverage – we can ensure our loved ones and our assets are protected when needed.

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  1. I’ll have to check out the giveaway going on. But I agree, insurance is definitely important. Luckily we deal with one of my husband’s friends who is always updating us on new changes in rates, comparing them to others for us and so much more. He emails us once every other month and when the time comes if we want to stick with our current carrier or move on to someone else he reminds us when it’s time to renew.

  2. I think the best thing about SK is that auto insurance is covered by the government and if you want extra stuff , like a package policy , its your choice
    I’m not sure what the comparison is across canada, but I like that I pay for plates to one company and don’t have to think about stuff like that LOL

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