Inspire Your Child and Make a Difference with Chooze Shoes-Giveaway

My youngest son has been a bit of a footwear aficionado every since he was a baby. From the time he first learned how to put on his shoes, he loved picking out his own footwear for whatever outfit he was wearing that day and he had quite a few pairs to choose from. Now, at three, he’s not quite as picky about his footwear as he once was. But he still gets excited every time he gets a new pair of shoes!

chooze shoes scout shred fabricSo when Chooze Canada contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing the company’s innovative footwear, I requested a pair in Benjamin’s size so that he could enjoy a new pair of spring shoes. He couldn’t wait for his Chooze Shoes to arrive and when they finally did, he had them out of the box in no time.

Chooze Shoes are a unique new concept in children’s footwear. The sturdy canvas shoes are made with two different types of coordinating fabric so that each shoe is unique. It’s a way of celebrating the originality of every child and inspiring creativity and choice. But the Chooze Shoes difference doesn’t stop there! At the end of each year, Chooze Shoes invests its profits in anti-poverty programs that provide training, support and education to women to help permanently improve their quality of life.

Chooze Shoes are made of vegan materials and come in a reusable art box that can be decorated by a child and used to hold treasured items, a clever way of minimizing waste. And because Chooze Shoes were created by a mother, the footwear is machine washable and has durable soles suitable for indoor and outdoor use!

Benjamin was so excited to try on his new shoes. He is currently wearing size 11 boots and so I chose a pair of size 12 Scout slip-on shoes for him. At the moment they are a little large, but by the time the snow melts they should fit him just perfectly. He was especially intrigued by the two different types of fabric used to make the shoes. One shoe featured a blue and grey skateboard design and the other featured a blue and black bicycle design. He loved that the shoes were different from one another and he can’t wait until he has the chance to wear them outside!

chooze shoes dance giggle purple fabricIf you’d like to show off your child’s originality, Chooze Shoes wants to help! The company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their own pair of Chooze Shoes, a $49 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which style of Chooze Shoes is your favourite.

Benjamin is incredibly proud of his new shoes but what I love most about this footwear is the purpose behind it. Not only do these shoes look and feel great, they serve a very important purpose by lifting needy families out of poverty and also provide a source of inspiration to the children that wear them by reminding them of how they can make a difference. Check out the fun collection of shoes available from Chooze Canada for yourself and see which pair might inspire your child!
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