Get Kids Excited About Healthy Eating with Eat To Win: Classroom Edition-Giveaway

Last year I had a chance to check out an innovative new game called Eat To Win that is designed to help children develop healthy eating habits and learn about nutrition in a fun way. The board games are great for at-home fun but Eat to Win wants every child to have the knowledge they need to make healthy eating choices and that’s why the company also created a handy classroom edition version of the game perfect for helping kids from Preschool to Grade 5 learn about nutrition and exercise!

eat to win classroom editionEat to Win Classroom Edition is a set of flash cards in four different categories: Eat It, Quiz It, Know It and Do It. An activity book included with the cards contains an assortment of group games that can be played with the set. And, best of all, the Quiz It cards are actually left blank so that teachers can write their own questions on the cards to help prepare children for upcoming tests or add important content of their own.

My boys loved playing with these cards and they especially enjoyed the Eat It cards, which contained questions about different types of food, and the Do It cards, which contained fun activities for children to do right at that minute. From singing while rowing an imaginary boat to standing and sitting five times as fast as possible, the actions had my boys hopping and laughing every time. And the cards can also be used with the original Eat to Win board game so that younger or older children can still be challenged!

We also received a Personal Food Tracker and I loved that it had magnets so that it could be attached to the fridge. Every time the boys had a snack or meal, they determined the food groups within their meal and marked them down on the tracker with a dry erase pen. It was a handy and interactive way to ensure my carb-loving youngest son and my protein-loving oldest son were getting a balanced diet. And it was a great reinforcement of the learning that the boys did with the Eat to Win cards!

eat to win food trackerWhether you want to enjoy some learning with these innovative cards in your own home or you think they’d be the perfect addition to your child’s classroom learning at school, Eat To Win wants to help! The company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their choice of any one set of Eat To Win: Classroom Edition flash cards and a Personal Food Tracker, a $26 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about what set of cards you would choose if you won.

My boys had a lot of fun with these cards but they really are just perfect for classroom learning and so I’m going to be taking these cards to the local school so that all the kids can benefit from them. After all, the importance of good nutrition and plenty of exercise is something that every child should know about, especially when it can be taught in an entertaining way! If you’re looking for a way to get your child interested in basic healthy living concepts, check out the collection of board games, flash cards and more available from Eat To Win and make healthy eating fun!
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