Being a Mom with Cool Factor Takes Personality

Becoming a mom is a life-changing event. It’s the moment which the bulk of a woman’s attention moves from herself to her child forever. While it’s incredibly easy to get completely caught up in the joys (and trials) of raising children, it’s so important for us women to remember that we need time to celebrate our own style and personality, too. Becoming a mom doesn’t have to mean baggy jeans and minivans.

I take pride in being a trendy parent and I’ve learned over the years that maintaining my cool as a mom doesn’t have to be hard. For me, it starts with clothes. I’ve always been a big fan of seasonal wardrobe purging. About twice a year I go through every item in my closet and get rid of clothes that don’t fit, that I don’t wear or that don’t suit my current style. To keep my cool factor, I finish off that purge by updating my look with trendy new pieces. There’s no need for a whole new wardrobe; hot red heels with snakeskin accents and a cute new top in a fresh spring print can give a whole closet an updated feel.

red snakeskin heels

I also make sure that I take time to participate in the activities that I truly enjoy without bringing my children. From heading out for the evening to see a concert with friends to jetting off for a few days to attend special events in other provinces, the time I have away from my boys helps me to celebrate my individuality. And as an added bonus, I am always happier and less stressed when I get home.

But while cute clothes and fun outings have done a lot to ensure that I’m one of the coolest moms on the block, what makes the biggest difference is just remembering to relax and go with the flow. It can be so easy to constantly worry about whether or not we’re doing the best we can for our children. Resisting the urge to micromanage my sons’ activities has been a huge factor in ensuring that, not only do I believe I’m a cool parent, my boys do too!

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Keeping my cool factor as a mom is partly about looks, but it’s even more about attitude. It’s something I achieve by maintaining the upbeat and positive outlook that has always been one of my strongest personality traits and facing everything that comes my way with style and a smile. After all, fun outfits and an active social life are really just a reflection of the happy energy that I believe is the essence of any mom who’s cool!

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10 thoughts on “Being a Mom with Cool Factor Takes Personality”

  1. Great post! It’s important to remember to take care of yourself in order to take better care of you’re children. You touched on it beautifully!

  2. I purge my closet every few months too, though I get out to buy new things even less than that. I also like getting away, whether for an evening or a weekend, just to recharge myself and then come back ready to be a mom again (because I always miss my girls!). Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love those shoes! Yes, I am definitely more confident in my role as Mom if I am dressed for the part. But, I also am getting better just as I age. I guess I am mellowing? I still lose my cool sometimes, but those are getting farther and fewer between.

  4. I agree, keeping your cool goes a long way in helping kids think you are cool. It doesn’t mean you can’t be in control, or discipline, but if you can do it with control and not let your emotions out of control, you build a strong relationship with the child and they think you are cool far longer than others. My kids still think I’m cool. I’m so thankful. I like that they are still proud of me.

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