You’ll Have Peace While Your Kids Play with Kidz Gear Headphones

Between my boys’ extensive collection of children’s music and their noisy gaming devices, my day can get pretty noisy at times. And while I try my best to be patient about that noise, sometimes it just drives me crazy! Even so, I’m reluctant to give either of my boys my headphones when they’re listening to music or playing a game because I know they’ll likely turn up the volume when I’m not paying attention, potentially damaging their hearing.

Kidz Gear headphones were just what I needed and recently I had a chance to review these specially designed children’s headphones for myself. With comfort fit padding and KidzControl volume limit technology, the headphones had exactly the features I’d been wanting for my boys and I was so happy that I finally had a way to let my boys to listen to whatever they liked safely and quietly.

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The headphones come in five fun colours and Zackary was delighted with the orange headphones that he received. He appreciated the adjustable fit and I was glad to see that he had no problem putting the headphones on by himself. He was so proud of having his own set of headphones and when he was done playing his gaming system or listening to music, he always carefully tucked them back into his headphone carry bag for next time. And I was finally able to enjoy blissful quiet while my son had fun!

Kidz Gear wants to let you turn down the volume in your household too so the company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their own pair of Kidz Gear headphones, a $20 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about what colour of headphones you would most love to have for your child.

The headphones feature rich, full sound with a maximum volume of 80-90 dB and are compatible with virtually any gaming system thanks to the handy splitter adapter available for the headphones. Whether your children love playing flash games on the family computer or listening to new tunes on an iPod, Kidz Gear headphones will let them enjoy their favourite activities safely. Check out the great selection of Kidz Gear headphones for yourself and benefit from a little peace and quiet while your kids have fun!
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  1. Gina McKenzie-Lodge

    These look fantastic. My daughter would LOVE the pink or purple. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Owners of an iPhone/Touch can also use the OS to limit the max volume. Another means of protecting young ears

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