A First Time Experience Exploring The Baby’s Room at Sears #SearsBabysRoom

Having just given birth to my third daughter, baby gear is something that is very much on my mind. Mommy Kat and Kids was recently selected to be a part of the Sears The Baby’s Room Ambassador Program and to celebrate this fabulous partnership, I was invited to take a tour of Sears The Baby’s Room, which is the store’s special space dedicated to all the most important baby-related products, from feeding accessories to gifts to furniture.  I have actually never been much of a Sears shopper, so I was excited to see what the store had to offer.

The first thing that I noticed was the prices.  I don’t know why I had imagined that the prices would be slightly inflated compared to some of my other go-to stores for baby gear, but I was certainly mistaken.  Having two older children and one baby, I have gained a lot of knowledge about baby products and their average prices and the prices at Sears were definitely competitive. In fact, to celebrate The Baby’s Room’s first birthday, right now until June 5, shoppers can save up to 20% on select items!

the baby's room first birthday sale

But along with the competitive pricing Sears had something that I don’t get at my usual shopping centre: expert staff.   The staff that showed me around the store had more knowledge of the products than I would have ever expected and I have never experienced that bonus to my shopping experience elsewhere. For first-time parents especially, receiving the knowledge you need to make the right product choice the first time you buy something is a great advantage.

The Baby’s Room had a great selection of products to prepare for a new baby.  Some of the larger items included complete nursery furnishings, safety gates, strollers, car seats and high chairs.  The store also carries adorable humidifiers, bedding, mobiles, baby baths and clothing.  One eco-friendly product that I was happy to see and will be going back to purchase was the reusable snack bags.  These are essentially cloth versions of a plastic snack bag that you can wash and use again and again.

Sears also proves that it has an eye for the newest products, as evidenced by the Mamaroo, a new unique alternative to the traditional bouncy chair.  While I was there I picked up a simple yet essential item that I had been forgetting to purchase for weeks: a mesh covering to drape over a stroller or play pen while outside to protect my baby from mosquito bites.

sears ottoman and rocker

As a believer in the importance of breastfeeding, I found that one of the most significant features of The Baby’s Room is the nursing rooms available.  Any nursing mother with a new baby knows that a pleasant shopping trip can turn into a disaster when her little one wakes up and needs to nurse.  At Sears The Baby’s Room, mothers are invited to sit down to nurse in the private nursing area, which is sure to make many shopping experiences a lot less stressful.

Exploring The Baby’s Room at Sears was a great experience. With so many essential and unique items at competitive prices and the supportive staff available for answers and advice, this store is sure to be a popular choice for new parents and I can’t wait to head back again.

Disclosure: I am part of the Sears The Baby’s Room Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

6 thoughts on “A First Time Experience Exploring The Baby’s Room at Sears #SearsBabysRoom”

  1. When I had babies, I always shopped at Sears. I loved their baby room. Now, I just shop for my baby nieces/nephews. I don’t need the room anymore, but appreciate that it is there for the ones that do.

  2. I was in a Baby Room Sears a few months ago, and was also VERY pleasantly surprised! Love the changes that they’ve made! So much more ‘current’ and knowledgeable now!

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