Earth’s Best Diapers, Wipes and Training Pants are an Eco-Friendly Diapering Choice

For a busy mom, it’s hard to beat the convenience of disposable diapers. I used cloth diapers for Benjamin but there were still times that I found disposable diapers more convenient. Fortunately, there are plenty of great eco-friendly disposable diapers available now and Earth’s Best has a fabulous line of diapers and training pants that are great for babies and for the earth!

earth's best diapersDid you know the average child uses up to 5000 diapers between birth and potty training? That’s a lot of diapers in the landfill! Earth’s Best disposable diapers help to minimize environmental impact by using renewable resources and fewer petrochemicals. These chlorine-free diapers are nice and gentle against baby’s delicate skin. And the natural absorbent materials made from corn and wheat provide great leak protection.

When the time comes to change your precious little one, Earth’s Best Baby Wipes are also chlorine-free and have a nourishing natural aloe and Vitamin E formula. I love the cloth-like texture of these wipes and the fact that they’re unscented and hypoallergenic so I can clean my baby’s skin without irritation.

Of course, at some point your baby will be ready to say goodbye to diapers and when that day comes, TOTS Potty Training Pants are a great choice to help transition your baby to the potty. With a comfortable stretchy waistband, easy tear-away sides and a wetness indicator, they’re eco-friendly and still fun for kids! If you’re starting to potty train your child, make sure to check out these great potty training tips from Earth’s Best!

No matter what diapering items your baby needs, Earth’s Best has a great collection of products that are gentle, eco-friendly and effective. Check out the line and enjoy diapers, wipes and potty training pants that provide the effective protection you want using renewable resources!

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2 thoughts on “Earth’s Best Diapers, Wipes and Training Pants are an Eco-Friendly Diapering Choice”

  1. I wasn’t impressed with their diapers at all… lots of issues and the customer service wasn’t helpful. Hope they had improvements since then (about 2 years ago)

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Ira! I first used them about six months ago I believe and I didn’t have any issues, but good customer service makes a big difference with any issue so hopefully that’s been improved since your experience!

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