Have Fun with New Animal Puppets from Cate and Levi

shark puppetI absolutely adore the Cate and Levi handmade puppets made of reclaimed wool. Not only are the hand puppets an eco-friendly toy choice for young children, but they are also a unique and beautiful gift since every one is different. Recently, Cate and Levi expanded its collection of animal puppets and we received one of the new animals to review.

My youngest son, who is a huge fan of hand puppets, decided that he wanted the Shark puppet to review. I found the colourful shark rather adorable myself and when the puppet arrived, I was even more impressed. Benjamin fell in love with the shark as soon as I unwrapped it and for the rest of the day, he showed his new friend to everyone that we saw.

I loved the combination of unique wool colours and textures that made this shark so original and special. When ordering puppets, customers can specify whether they would prefer girl or boy colours for the puppet so each puppet is specially created for the child that will receive it. In addition to the Shark, Cate and Levi also released new Elephant, Duck, Dragon, Horse and Kangaroo puppets.

If you love eco-friendly toys and gifts, Cate and Levi has a great assortment for kids of all ages, so check out the new puppets, pick your favourite and let your child have hours of fun with an adorable and original new friend!

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