Kids Will Have a Fun-Filled Summer with Outdoor Toys from Sears #SearsBabysRoom

Summer sun is shining, the days are long and the boys are home from school. And that means that we spend the better part of the day out in our huge backyard! Our house is old, small and in need of some updates, and while it’s cozy and we love it, it’s the backyard that really makes me love our home. In the summer, it is the absolute best place to be!

boy on bounce wonder horse

Of course, no child’s backyard is complete without plenty of outdoor toys and over the years, we’ve accumulated plenty! My personal favourite is the fabulous retro Spring Bounce Wonder Horse. I remember similar toys from my childhood and it’s one that the boys absolutely love. In fact, I’ve been known to take a turn on it now and again too!

The trampoline is quite easily the boys’ favourite backyard toy. They spend hours not just jumping on it but also running around as they act out stories or even using it as a large play area when they are making up scenarios with some of their smaller toys!

boys on trampoline

And then there is the collection of smaller outdoor toys, from Benjamin’s tricycle to our Little Tikes Toddler Slide to the boys’ picnic table set for enjoying an outdoor snack. It’s a child’s paradise and I admit that I’m a little proud of having been able to create such an inviting space for them.

But even with such a great collection of outdoor toys, there are still one or two other toys I’d love to add to our yard. Saskatchewan summers tend to be very hot and humid and I have been longing for an inflatable waterslide for the boys for ages! While our sprinkler and little wading pool help a little, they’re just not as fun and refreshing as a waterslide would be!

I especially adore The Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Playset available at Sears right now and I’m sure it would be a huge hit with both boys. I love that it combines the fun of rock climbing and the refreshing thrill of a waterslide. And the fact there are two slides is a bonus; it means no arguments between my boys about who gets to go first!

little tikes inflatable waterslide

If you’ve been dying to add a few more outdoor toys to your backyard, you’re in luck because Sears has a very special offer just for you! Between now and Thursday, July 18, 2013, you can save 20% off all regular-priced toys with the coupon code 941612912. What a great time to get that special outdoor toy you’ve been wanting or even get a little Christmas shopping done early!

So check out the selection and pick out a few favourite toys to keep your kids entertained and active this summer! Whether you’re looking for your little one’s first toddler bike or a full-sized play set that will be used for years, you’ll love the many options and 20% off savings available at Sears this week. And your kids will love having fun in the sun all summer long!

Disclosure: I am part of the Sears The Baby’s Room Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

8 thoughts on “Kids Will Have a Fun-Filled Summer with Outdoor Toys from Sears #SearsBabysRoom”

  1. Those horses were one of my favorite toys as a child too :-)

    THAT waterslide! Hello!! That looks like SO much fun!!! :-D

    1. Aren’t those horses the best? I seriously bounce on it sometimes just because I can’t resist…which, actually, would probably be exactly what would happen if we got the waterslide too! LOL

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