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I admit to being rather frugal. I look for ways to stretch my budget whenever I can and one of the best ways I’ve found to do that is with a great loyalty program that rewards me for shopping at the stores I already love. Unfortunately, I’ve found lately that the more loyalty programs I join, the harder it is to manage them so that I get the rewards I really want.

And I’m not alone! A recent survey showed that the average Canadian household belongs to about eight different loyalty programs. But by not being picky about what you sign up for, earning that new kitchen appliance or dream vacation you want can actually be more difficult! Fortunately, a new, free online tool was recently introduced in Canada to help consumers make sense out of all the options. screenshot

The new tool was built on consumer research and cross-compares 61 of the most popular loyalty programs and their affiliated credit cards in Canada. Simply answer a few questions about your shopping habits, lifestyle and preferred rewards and the comparison tool will show you which loyalty programs will give you the best results for you!

I find that choosing a program with the right rewards is one of my biggest challenges. I’m really not that interested in merchandise or gift cards, so the only reward programs I enjoy are ones that offer cash or points towards a family vacation. By entering my information at, I was able to get a list of the loyalty programs that best suited me. I was happy to see that Air Miles, a program I already use, was on my list. The results also suggested I combine that program with an affiliated credit card to earn my rewards faster.

With literally hundreds of different loyalty programs available to Canadians and so many different benefits to each one, it’s no wonder I ended up with a purse full of loyalty cards I barely use. But now my purchases are streamlined and I only need to carry the cards I’ll really benefit from having. I love knowing I’m getting the best bang for my buck now!

If you love loyalty programs and aren’t sure which ones will get you to the reward you want the fastest, check out for yourself. It’s easy, free and will help save you time and money when you shop!

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9 thoughts on “Find the Loyalty Programs that are Best for You with”

  1. Everyone could use sharing money, however I have never used loyalty cards. I’m gonna have to check this out. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great program! I thinking being a part of 100 loyalty clubs is a waste. If you join one or two really good ones you can get tons of rewards!

  3. Oh! You are so right! Rewards programs are very hard to keep track of and I don’t always shop where rewards are offered. I need to start! Thanks for sharing this site. Heading over to check it out now :)

  4. I love my Kroger loyalty card for the savings on groceries and fuel. Plus I get extra coupons in the mail based on my shopping habits.

    This is a great program for my friends in Canada! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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