Celebrate Five New Friends Joining the Fisher-Price Little People with a Special Contest from Treehouse #FPLittlePeople

It always amazes me that two boys with the same parents raised in the same household with the same rules can be so very different. My boys have a few things in common, such as their love for imaginative play and their fondness for babies. But in so many other ways, they aren’t alike at all.

Zackary has a competitive streak, a love of anything with a motor and a highly scientific mind that makes him an avid learner. His imaginary games often include battles, challenges and races. Benjamin, on the other hand, has a compassionate heart and a love of animals. His imaginary games often involve good guys working together as friends and he also treats his favourite toys like family members, carrying them everywhere.

fisher-price little people

Just like my boys, Fisher-Price Little People have a variety of personalities that make them unique. And one thing both of my boys can agree on is playing with their favourite Little People characters! Now, just in time for Christmas, Fisher-Price has introduced five new Little People characters in its collection. Kids will have so much fun with sporty Eddie, sweet Tessa, curious Sofie, silly Koby and friendly Mia! We recently received some of the new Little People characters and my boys were so excited to add the new friends to their games.

Another thing my boys have in common is their high energy level, so they were delighted that they each got the new Eddie character to add to their games. Zackary was also especially drawn to Sofie and Tessa, and with his determination and curious mind, I couldn’t help but think that was appropriate. Benjamin preferred Mia, who was a great fit for him since my sweet youngest son can sometimes be a little shy. Then, with the characters sorted out, it was time for my boys to play! I had so much fun listening to them invent stories with the new characters and the adventures ranged from simple “around the house” activities with the Little People to long quests for lost treasure and powerful crystals.

boy with fisher-price little people

If your kids are as excited about the new Little People as mine are, you’ll want to make sure you check out the new Treehouse Little People, Big Discoveries Contest! Contestants can play a hide-and-seek game to find new characters on playsets, watch the videos and be entered to win one of five Little People prize packs worth $265. What a great way to celebrate the arrival of the newest Little People characters!

What I love so much about the Fisher-Price Little People is that they are a way to encourage and celebrate the unique personalities of every child. And with even more characters joining the Little People family, your child is sure to find one that he identifies with. Take a look at the new characters and don’t forget to enter for your chance to win one of five amazing Fisher-Price Little People prize packs too!

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    1. Oh you do not have vintage Sesame Street figures!! That is awesome, MrD! I have one or two of the classic ones but they’re just the regular people. Sesame Street ones would be so fun!

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