Celebrate Gerber’s 85th Birthday with New #GerberArrowroot Biscuits and the Gerber Generation Photo Contest

There’s nothing more fun than a birthday and this year one of Canada’s most popular baby food companies is celebrating a big one! Gerber is officially 85 years old and to make a fabulous birthday even better, the company has released a brand new product that everyone in the family is sure to want to try! While Gerber Canada may specialize in producing delicious and nutritious food for your baby, its latest product is one older children and even adults will be asking for too!

boys birthday hats nestle gerber arrowroot cookies

New Gerber Arrowroot Biscuits are a fun and delicious snack perfect for any time of day. We received a great birthday party pack with noisemakers, party hats and the new Gerber Arrowroot cookies to test out and the boys couldn’t wait to dig in! These cookies feature a fun flower shape that’s easy for little hands to hold and also dissolve quickly in the mouth so that they’re safe for babies as young as twelve months old. Zackary, who has tried different brands of Arrowroot cookies in the past and been noticeably unimpressed, absolutely loved these.

gerber arrowroot cookies and tea

And I liked that Gerber Arrowroot Biscuits had no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners, making them a snack that I could feel good about giving to my boys. Though I have to admit, I saved one of the bags of Arrowroot biscuits we received for myself! They are just so good as a late-night snack with a cup of tea once the boys are in bed!

While the cookies are a delicious way to celebrate Gerber turning 85, the company has even more fun in store for you! Head to the Gerber Canada Facebook page because the 2013 Gerber Generation Photo Contest has just launched and your child could be the next Gerber Star! The prizes for this contest are absolutely incredible and include a grand prize of a $2000 RESP, two great runner-up prizes and weekly prize packs worth $250 each!

gerber generation photo contest

There’s so much fun from Gerber this year as the company celebrates 85 years of making babies and parents smile, so don’t miss out on the party! Check out the new Arrowroot Biscuits and see what you think of the melt-in-your-month texture and great flavour of these fun cookies. And don’t forget to snap a picture of your little one enjoying one of the new cookies or just being his usual adorable self to enter in the 2013 Gerber Generation Photo Contest!

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  1. gerber is such a fun company. My only issue with buying these cookies is I would probably eat more of them than my kids. This happened with the Baby Mum Mums in our house. Those things were freakin’ delicious!

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