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Even when I’m trying my best to eat right and be active, I find that I struggle with energy slumps in the afternoon. Some days the slump is quite mild and just leaves me yawning and losing my motivation, while other days I literally start to fall asleep in the middle of what I’m doing. But either way, I find it incredibly annoying when I have things to do!

I’ll sometimes fight off that slump with an energy bar, but I have to admit that I’m pretty picky about what kind I choose. I usually try to look for one that contains nuts and seeds for natural energy, because I’ve noticed some energy bars provide a quick boost only to have me crashing later. That’s why I was intrigued to learn about the new SoLo Low Gi energy bars, a bar that tastes like candy (yes please!) yet doesn’t have you crashing later. What do you need to know about these bars? Here’s a few fun facts!

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  • Low Gi makes all the difference in a snack! Low GI means that a food or food product has ranked “low” on the Glycemic Index – meaning that they are digested slowly and leave you feeling full longer, providing sustained energy.
  • Ideal between-meal snack: grab and go! Headed to the office or school, the gym, sport practice or carpool, reach for a SoLo Bar for a delicious dose of energy (10-13g of protein / 3-4 g fibre) available in 5 flavours in stores across Canada including Loblaws.
  • Help you strive towards a healthier lifestyle! Help with sustaining energy, weight loss and management and blood sugar management. The bars abide to the guidelines of the Canadian Diabetes Association, which makes them an optimal and delicious snack for diabetics. They are gluten free too and delicious!
  • Olympic athletes crave them and so will you! SoLo Low Gi Bars are a favourite of many athletes including Canadian Ski Cross Olympic Silver Medalist, Kelsey Serwa.

SoLo Bars are the first certified low Gi bars in Canada, designed to provide energy without raising Glycemic Index levels. That means while they still give a great boost, they do so by providing a slower-burning blend of complex carbohydrates that keeps you feeling full longer. In other words, there’s none of the burn-crash-crave cycle that some other energy bars create!

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But that’s just the start of what makes these bars such a great choice! I’m a big fan of high-protein snacks, so I was excited to see that SoLo bars feature between ten and thirteen grams of protein per bar. But it was the taste that really won me over. SoLo claimed that its energy bars taste like candy and they weren’t lying! I had high hopes that the Chocolate Charger bar would win my heart and it was delicious. But even the flavours I wasn’t as excited about trying were so good! I’m not really a fan of lemon, but the Lemon Lift bar with yogurt coating was rich, tangy and completely irresistible!

Want to try these bars yourself? SoLo is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader two five-packs of SoLo Energy Bars, a $40 total value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which variety you would most like to try!

I’m loving the sustained energy that these bars provide, and while they’re great for an afternoon slump on an average day, they’re equally fabulous for powering through a workout when you feel like you just can’t keep going. Give one of these energy-packed bars a try and see how a low Gi alternative can help you feel full and energized without crashing later!
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  1. I have to admit that there isn’t one flavor that DOESN’T interest me, but … if I’m forced to try only one first it would be the Dark Chocolate Mandarin

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