Discover the #Plusabilities of the new Tide Plus Collection and Donate to Goodwill through the Tide Truck

Spring cleaning is in full swing for many right now and this spring, the new Tide Plus collection is here to help me discover the #Plusabilities of all its different detergents and get through the cleaning a little easier! With six varieties of Tide Plus laundry detergent for all my various household needs, there’s no job I can’t tackle when doing my cleaning! Check out this handy Tide Plusabilities infographic to see how Tide Plus detergents can help you power through your spring chores!

tide plusabilities spring cleaning

The new Tide Plus collection is available in adorable mini bottles good for washing five loads of laundry so that busy families can test one or two without buying a large bottle. These “cuties” are a perfect way to find your perfect Tide! The Tide Plus collection includes Tide Plus A Touch of Downy for added fabric softening, Tide Plus Febreze Sport to help eliminate tough odours, Tide Plus Coldwater Clean to help save energy and the environment, Tide Plus Bleach Alternative for brighter whites, Tide Plus Febreze Freshness for long-lasting great scent and Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release for deep-down removal of the toughest stains.

Personally, with two notoriously messy boys in the house, there were two detergents that immediately had me excited in this collection. Tide Plus Bleach Alternative and Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release were the products that I knew would become essentials for me. I was especially excited about the promise of Tide Plus Bleach Alternative to provide brighter whites after just one wash. My very favourite bikini is white but it accidentally got added to a load of coloured clothing and despite my best efforts, it’s been a dingy grey ever since. I had high hopes that the Tide Plus detergent might get it back to its previous bright white once more!

tide cuties laundry set

But as it happened, I loved the Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release the most. My boys are notorious for getting things dirty and to be honest, I’m often not much better myself. Grass stains, coffee, greasy food…you name it, it’s been on our family’s clothes! Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release can be used as both a pre-treatment on tough stains and also releases stains when used as a detergent. And while my small bottle didn’t include this feature, the large bottle even has an innovative new Zap! Cap to help gently scrub out tough stains! Want to give one of the new Tide Plus detergents a try? Get your $1 off coupon at!

To commemorate the launch of this new collection, Tide is taking Plusabilities to the next level by encouraging you to do a little spring cleaning of your wardrobe for a very worthy cause! A Tide truck will be visiting prominent family attractions in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal and picking up gently used clothing donations to celebrate new beginnings with its not-for-profit partner, Goodwill.

By donating gently used clothing to Goodwill during Tide Clothing Donation Day events, you’re not only de-cluttering your home, you’re also teaching your kids the value of giving back and the ripple effect, or “Plusabilities” behind a simple good deed. To thank Canadians for their support, upon dropping off a donation you’ll receive a Tide Plus coupon booklet too! Take a look at the Tide Truck schedule and make plans to donate and help those in need!


Canada’s Wonderland

  • Saturday, May 24 & Sunday, May 25

Toronto Zoo

  • Saturday, May 31 & Sunday, June 1
  • Saturday, June 7 & Sunday, June 8


Granby Zoo

  • Saturday, May 24 & Sunday, May 25
  • Saturday, May 31 & Sunday, June 1
  • Saturday, June 7 & Sunday, June 8

La Ronde

  • Saturday, June 7 & Sunday, June 8

British Columbia

Science World

  • Saturday, May 24 & Sunday, May 25

Pacific National Exhibition

  • Saturday, May 31 & Sunday, June 1
  • Saturday, June 7 & Sunday, June 8

While new Tide Plus detergents are a great way to help my clothes look their best longer, I love that the Tide Plusabilities campaign is giving Canadians a way to help others by donating those clothes that just aren’t favourites anymore. While the Tide Truck isn’t coming to Saskatchewan, I’ll still be making my own donation to my local Goodwill; Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release keeps my boys’ t-shirts looking like new but they both have way more of them than they need! Give new Tide Plus a try and then visit the Tide Truck at one of its upcoming stops or just clear out your closet and donate on your own this spring. It’s such a great way to give back to others!

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  1. Closest truck will be 9 hours away from me. Maybe 11. Uggh. I donate clothing once or twice a year, and occasionally donate items to the womens shelter in our area as well. 7-11 just did a promotion with Salvation Army where those that donated got a free slurpee but only a fraction of communities were included in that too.

  2. Great products! Love the New Tide Plus mini bottles! I love the scent of tide. The dryer sheets are my favorite to put in the car to freshen it up.

  3. What a great idea! Too bad we live so far away from where the Tide Truck will be otherwise I would love to take part!

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