Treat Dad to SingleJo Coffee and Come Join the #HavaJava Twitter Party

It’s no secret that I absolutely love coffee and because I’m the only one in the house that drinks it, I also love my Keurig machine. Making the exact amount of coffee I want a cup at a time means that I always get a drink that’s fresh and delicious, whether I’m having my first early morning drink or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. I choose my coffee with a lot of care and so I want the brew I drink to be tailored specifically to me.

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That’s why I’ve fallen in love with SingleJo. This Canadian coffee company makes discovering new coffee blends easy by providing a convenient and personalized online shopping experience. Choose from delicious coffees from around the globe and for every 12-cup box you purchase, you’ll also receive one individual sample pack so that you can discover new brands to love too! And if you’re just not sure which variety to try first, take the SingleJo quiz to discover your coffee profile and get suggestions about your perfect coffee!

Personally, I’m a Trail-Blazer, with a preference for dark or medium roasts with a complex taste. I received a fabulous package from SingleJo with a few varieties of coffee to try and my very own gorgeous personalized mug. I have to admit, I brewed a cup of coffee as soon as I opened the package!

singlejo coffee in keurig

The Club Coffee 100% Colombian is a nice mellow coffee to start off the day, but it’s the Margaritaville Pirate Gold coffee that’s become my newest addiction. This rich dark roast coffee brews up with a perfect crema on top and is such an indulgent beverage. There’s no better pick-me-up than a cup of this delicious roast!

SingleJo coffee has a variety of brands and roasts currently available and one of the things I especially love about the company is that the K-Cup compatible pods the site carries have a design that uses 35% less packaging! If your dad or husband loves coffee, why not give him the gift of SingleJo coffee this Father’s Day? You can even save 15% when you purchase six or more boxes with coupon code DADROCKS!

singlejo havajava twitter party

The gorgeous personalized mug I received from SingleJo is my new favourite cup and I love filling it with SingleJo coffee. And if you are longing to have one of your own, I have great news for you! On Thursday, June 12 at 9pm EST, SingleJo is hosting a fabulous #HavaJava Twitter party! Five lucky participants will win their own personalized mugs with SingleJo coffee and one grand prize winner will receive a personalized mug, SingleJo coffee and a Keurig machine! RSVP and make sure to come join in the fun!

No matter what your coffee profile is, has choices that are unique, delicious and perfectly suited to your individual style. For a coffee-lover like me, it’s a dream come true! Take the quiz, discover your perfect coffee blend and experience the convenience of coffee you love delivered right to your door!

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43 thoughts on “Treat Dad to SingleJo Coffee and Come Join the #HavaJava Twitter Party”

  1. Erika Birrell

    That mug is so neat! Awesome, I just found out about this twitter party, I’ll be there, Wish me luck! Twitter parties are so fun, and I have been to so many! I am hoping one of these day I win something :)

  2. I am really thinking of trading my Tassimo for a Keurig, there is are just a lot more interesting choices….thinking I may stop intonight for the twitter party…..

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