Celebrate Canada’s Love of #CerealandMilk with Kellogg’s Canada-Giveaway

There are some things that just go together perfectly and one of them is cereal and milk. And while that’s partly because it tastes so good, it’s also because cereal and milk is such an energizing way to start the day! With essential vitamins and nutrients, whole grains, protein and carbohydrates, there’s no better “meal in a bowl” to power active children and busy adults through their day!

kellogg's cereal and milk infographic

Kellogg’s Canada knows just how much Canadians love their cereal and milk, and they’ve put together a fun infographic showcasing just how nutritious and delicious this breakfast favourite is. Maybe that’s why so many people (myself included) have a tendency to enjoy cereal and milk as an afternoon or evening snack too!

To let you celebrate your own love of cereal and milk, Kellogg’s Canada has put together a very special Cereal and Milk prize pack worth $50! Containing a Kellogg’s vintage cereal bowl, vintage t-shirt and an assortment of Kellogg’s cereal, it will have you ready to enjoy your own cereal and milk moment! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about your favourite Kellogg’s breakfast cereal!

kellogg's cerealandmilk prize pack

If you love cereal and milk as much as I do, make sure to join in the conversation by Tweeting or Instagramming using the #cerealandmilk hashtag or visiting the Kellogg’s Cereal and Milk website. Whether you’re one of the five Canadians that actually enjoy soggy cereal or part of the majority of Canadians that insists one-third of the cereal bowl needs to be full of milk, one thing is certain: cereal and milk is a hit with Canadians and it’s time to celebrate that!
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