Try Karma Wellness Water and Enter the Push Good Karma Contest to Support Your Favourite Charity-Giveaway

Some time ago I discovered Karma Wellness Water, an innovative new health water available in five delicious and vitamin-enriched flavours. The innovative beverage uses a special UV-blocker cap to ensure that vitamins are kept at maximum potency by keeping the active ingredients out of light and moisture. When it’s time for some extra energy, I just pull off the top of the cap, press down in the center to release the vitamins into the water and then shake the bottle to mix it up.

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In addition to being a delicious and hydrating beverage, Karma Wellness Water is naturally sweetened with stevia so that it has just twenty calories per bottle. And the five different formulations are specifically designed to provide just the health boost I’m looking for. From the orange mango flavour that encourages sharper thinking to the acai pomberry flavour that boosts immunity, the essential vitamins in each bottle have me charged up and ready to tackle my day no matter what I’m doing!

Karma Wellness Water is passionate about spreading good karma in all kinds of ways and right now the company is doing just that with an innovative new contest. Enter the Push Good Karma contest by nominating a cause that has supported or inspired you and you could win $2000 for your favourite charity! Enter today for your chance to share what makes your favourite cause so special and push some good karma of your own!

And to celebrate the contest, I have a very special Karma Wellness Water giveaway! One lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader is going to win their very own Karma Wellness Water prize pack worth $50! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about a favourite cause you might nominate for the Push Good Karma contest.

karma wellness water prize pack

I love the great taste of Karma Wellness Water and knowing that the vitamins and minerals don’t break down in the beverage makes me feel even better about enjoying one of these naturally sweetened beverages whenever I need a boost. But I also love the way that the company supports worthy charities through fun contests too! Enter to win one of the ten $2000 donations for your favourite cause today and share your positivity for someone that deserves recognition!
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