You Could Win the Trip of a Lifetime When You Play THE GAME OF LIFE – CAA Edition #CAAGOL

THE GAME OF LIFE has been a popular board game for decades, in large part because it’s so easy for people to relate to. After all, we often play our own game of life in different ways each and every day. The challenges we face to accomplish our goals may be frustrating at times, but once we’ve conquered them, that feeling of having won is just unbeatable!

For me, buying my first house was my ultimate challenge in the game of life. I’d had some credit problems in the past, so the process involved planning, budgeting and saving for months before I could even hope to get a mortgage. I applied once but the application was rejected. Then I had numerous meetings with the mortgage specialist at my bank to help determine what more I could be doing to have my mortgage approved.

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Finally, I started shopping around by connecting with mortgage brokers and seeing if they were able to offer me an approved mortgage at a good rate. I found a broker that was able to line up a lender, but the rates were quite a bit higher than the current prime rates that major banks were offering. Before accepting, I decided to try filing an application one last time with my current bank. And to my delight, the application was approved!

It had been a long process getting my first mortgage but that one phone call from the bank’s mortgage specialist telling me the application had been approved made all the work more than worthwhile. I definitely felt like I was winning at the game of life that day!

Once you’ve achieved a goal in the game of life, whether it’s buying a house, finally getting your dream car or starting a family, it’s important to also ensure your loved ones and possessions are safe and protected. And for decades, CAA has been a leader not just for providing trusted roadside assistance, but also for offering exclusive life, home and auto insurance packages as well as access to special savings and rewards!

If you live in South Central Ontario, CAA SCO is offering you the chance to win at the Game of Life in another way. THE GAME OF LIFE– CAA Edition is back for the fourth year and you could win one of over 2,600 instant prizes or even a dream vacation! I know that taking an exotic trip always makes me feel like a winner!

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You can play once per day for a chance at an instant prize and an entry into the grand prize draw. And you can even earn bonus entries into the grand prize draw by sharing the contest on social media, winning mini-games and redeeming GAME OF LIFE dollars! The contest is open only to South Central Ontario residents so if you live in the area, make sure you’re playing every day for your best chance at winning.

There’s just nothing better than accomplishing a goal and if one of yours has been to take a dream vacation with your loved ones, then you don’t want to miss out on taking part in THE GAME OF LIFE – CAA Edition. Choosing between a family trip to Orlando, Florida, a 7-night Northern European Cruise or a 13-day tour of Argentina may just be one of the most fun life decisions you’ll have the chance to make!

This contest is open to CAA members and non-members who are residents of South Central Ontario. Complete rules and regulations are available at HASBRO and its logo and THE GAME OF LIFE are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. ©2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. ®CAA and CAA logo trademarks owned by, and use is granted by, the Canadian Automobile Association.

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