Amazon Sees Surge in Holiday Traffic

I am a huge fan of shopping at Amazon and I am most definitely not alone. Amazon opened its doors as an online retailer during the early days of the Internet. Long before everyone had credit cards and debit cards, the website gave shoppers the option of placing an online order and mailing in payment in the form of check or money order. Part of its success relies on the fact that Amazon constantly updates its page and changes its strategy to lure in new shoppers. From its streaming video features to its Kindle tablets, the company works hard to stay ahead of its competition. Thanks to its introduction of early holiday sales, the company once again came out on top.

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Black Friday Starts Early

Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, is the biggest retail shopping day of the year. People spend millions of dollars and wait hours in line to get deals on everything from toys and clothing to books and electronics. Amazon watched its Black Friday sales rise over the last few years, which led to the company announcing that it would start its new shopping season long before any other company did. Instead of waiting until Thanksgiving, Amazon launched its Black Friday sales the day after Halloween.

Beating the Competition

Amazon knows that shops depend on more than just Black Friday for sales during the holiday season. While it was once nearly impossible to find a store open on Thanksgiving day, many shops now run special sales starting on the morning of that holiday and running long into the late hours of the night. Amazon got in on the action in past years with sales that started late Thanksgiving night. New products would go on sale every hour, and sales would end every hour as well. Its new month-long sales event seems to indicate that the online retailer wants to surge forward even more.

Biggest Sales

While Amazon offered low prices on hundreds of things over the course of November, its biggest sales were on electronics and tech gadgets. Flat screen televisions dropped in price from $500 to $300 to just $199, and it offered smaller televisions for less than $100. Amazon also became one of the first websites to sell the XBOX One bundle package for under its retail price of $399.99. The bundle, which comes with one of the hottest games and a customized skin for the console, was available for just $349.99.

Moving Forward

It seems like Amazon has big plans for the future. The company signed a deal in 2014 to lease a large retail space in Manhattan. With more than 1,000 square feet of space, it looks like this might become the first storefront for the online store. This will let Amazon reach customers who feel uncomfortable shopping online and allow existing customers to get the products they want faster. Tech expert Bob Parsons thinks this is a good idea and explains that opening a store will show that Amazon is on top of retail trends. Customers can get new electronics and other products without waiting for shipping.

Amazon offers everything from e-books and tablets to televisions, clothing and toys. During the holiday shopping season, the online retailer blew away its competition with sales that started earlier than its competitors. According to recent reports, Amazon may soon have its first offline store as well.

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  1. I like the US Amazon site they have way more variety, only the shipping is so expensive, I can never find what I want on the Canadian one

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