Stay Connected When You Travel in the U.S.A. and Mexico with Roam Mobility

Travelling is a passion of mine and has been ever since my mom took me to Finland and Cyprus when I was just eight years old. Since then I’ve made it a goal to see as much of the world as possible and while having children did keep me at home a little more for a while, my boys are now finally old enough that I can travel freely again…with Zackary and Benjamin right beside me of course!

Travel has changed a lot since I was a child and one of the biggest changes is the need to stay connected while away from home. It goes without saying that my smartphone comes with me when I travel and there’s always plenty of work to catch up on when I eventually connect to a WiFi network. I remember travelling through South Africa in my twenties and buying a phone card with 100 minutes on it so that I could call home every few days from a pay phone. Smartphones have made that unnecessary, but paying for talk, text and data can add up quickly.

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Luckily, for those close-to-home trips, I discovered Roam Mobility. Offering the absolute lowest prices on talk, text and data while travelling in the United States, getting a Roam SIM card and plan was a great way for me to still be able to phone loved ones, send texts and share our family’s adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while touring the U.S.A.

And now Roam Mobility has expanded to offer coverage in Mexico as well! I had the chance to test out the new plans firsthand on a recent trip to the Riviera Maya with my boys and couldn’t wait to see how the service worked for me. I chose the Talk+Text+Data 50 plan for our 5-day trip, which included 125 minutes of talk time, 125 texts and 125MB of data valid for seven days.

One of my favourite things about using a Roam Mobility plan as opposed to a plan from my Canada service provider is that I can’t accidentally go over my purchased plan limits and end up paying more. Once I’ve used up my texts, talk time or data, I simply don’t have any more. Since keeping track of the numbers can be difficult, especially amidst the fun of a vacation, I love this alternative.

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The service worked well the entire time I was in Mexico, whether I was at the airport in Cancun or relaxing at the resort. And it was so much fun to be able to share pictures and status updates without having to worry about a hefty cell phone bill when I returned to Canada. In fact, having my phone connected even helped my boys and me get to the resort when we first arrived and couldn’t find our cab driver. I was able to call the company, connect with the driver and then find him in the crowd outside the airport, all thanks to Roam Mobility!

Roam Mobility currently offers plans for travel in the United States and in Mexico with prices starting at just $4 per day for unlimited talk, text and data. I keep my Roam SIM card in my travel bag so that any time I’m making a trip, I just have to pop it in, activate a plan and head off to a new place without worry. And the plans by the day are so handy for anyone that makes regular trips to the U.S.A. Learn more about Roam Mobility and find the best plan for your next trip. You’ll love staying connected without having to empty your wallet!

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