Celebrate Your Unique Family with Great Shows from Netflix

I’ve never been much of a fan of the concept of a “traditional” family, perhaps because my own family was so different.

My mom was my dad’s second wife; he’d had four children with his first wife that were all so much older I tended to think of them more as aunts and uncles than sisters and brothers.

My own parents then also divorced after having three children together: my two siblings and me. My dad remarried a third time and had one last son.

My mom remarried as well and had two daughters, but then divorced again. She’s currently engaged to the man I generally think of as my stepfather.

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That means that in total, I have two older half brothers, two older half sisters, my own brother and sister, a younger half brother and two younger half sisters. And that’s not including the stepsiblings.

When trying recently to describe the origin of a book I received as a childhood girl, I actually used the phrase, “my ex-step-grandma.”

It goes without saying that a family like mine can be more than a little confusing. But when I first gave birth and started my own family, I realized that it also meant more people to love and care for my boys.

Instead of just one set of grandparents on my side of the family, my boys had two. Instead of just one aunt and uncle to play with them, they had five.

My brother and half-brother were in a friendly competition for years to gain the coveted status of “favourite uncle.” My family is about as far from traditional as it gets, but we love each other just as much.

This month, Netflix is celebrating the same idea that families come in all shapes and sizes with the launch of a brand new Netflix original comedy series: Grace & Frankie.

The story of two women whose husbands run off with one another after forty years of marriage is quirky, surprising and, of course, hilarious. If you come from a non-traditional family like mine, you’re sure to love it!

Of course, I like sharing fun unconventional family stories with my boys too, so this month we’ve been enjoying some of their favourite family movies.

My oldest absolutely loves Mr. Peabody & Sherman, and I have to admit the ending always makes me tear up too! And my youngest adores Despicable Me for more than its cheery minions! Seeing how adopting three energetic girls turns an evil genius into a loving father is always a blast!

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When it comes right down to it, it doesn’t matter how exactly our families fit together. The important thing is that they do, and we wouldn’t have them any other way.

Whether you’re looking for a grown-up comedy, a heart-wrenching drama or a show for the kids, celebrating all those little things that makes our families unique is easy with great content from Netflix!

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  1. nicolthepickle

    We’ve been enjoying veggie tales on netflix. Especially since they have new episodes every so often.

  2. I’ll have to check out Grace & Frankie! Still haven’t seen Despicable Me….

    Netflix has something for everyone, love that!

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