Tangerine Celebrates #OneYearBolder by Supporting #BrightWayForward Charities

I’ve used Tangerine as my savings bank of choice for a few years now, but the company recently underwent a name change and today it celebrates #OneYearBolder as Tangerine! I have to admit, I like the new name a lot, but what was most important to me was that the great service and savings from the bank stayed the same…and it did!

But that service doesn’t just include providing great banking options to Canadians. It also includes supporting local communities through the Bright Way Forward program! This fabulous initiative supports local charities across Canada through sponsorships, financial donations and more!

So what types of programs does Bright Way Forward assist? These are just some of the amazing partnerships the organization has right now:

  • Park Builds – Tangerine, Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds and the city of Moncton will come together with employees and community members to build a Natural Playground in one day! This will be their fifth Natural Playground build in Canada with Bienenstock.
  • Community Gyms – Tangerine’s Community Gym program is an extension of the #BrightWayForward philosophy, working with Canadian Youth to teach them about leadership, teamwork and confidence through half-day basketball and life skills events. The Community Gym Program is taking place in three Canadian cities – Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal with a goal to inspire more than 450 participating youth between the ages of 9 and 13.
  • ACCES Employment – empowers job seekers from diverse backgrounds who are facing barriers to employment.
  • FoodShare – advocates for equal access to healthy food; works with schools and communities to deliver healthy food and food education.
  • UNITY Charity – uses the arts to empower youth with the confidence and skills for success.
  • YMCA of Greater Toronto – focuses on providing every person in the community with opportunities for personal growth, community involvement and leadership.
  • Youth Without Shelter – an emergency residence and referral agency that provides homeless youth aged 16-24 with empowering support programs in a safe environment.

To celebrate one year of helping Canadians save, Tangerine is making a $5 donation to Bright Way Forward with each use of the #OneYearBolder hashtag on Instagram or Twitter today! Snap a selfie, start a conversation and use that hashtag as much as possible! The benefits will stretch across Canada and could even lead to changes in your very own community!

I’m so proud to be a member of a bank that cares about giving back and it makes me even happier to have my money growing with Tangerine. Show your support by using the #OneYearBolder hashtag today and celebrating one year of Tangerine and a #BrightWayForward for everyone!

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  1. It’s amazing that they do a whole lot more than just bank, it’s great that they give back to the community!!

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