Escape to a Fantasy World with Strange Magic on DVD

My boys love stories of fantastic places and fictional creatures, so the computer-animated musical fantasy-comedy Strange Magic was a movie that suited them perfectly. Now available on DVD and loosely based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this story is wild, wonderful and sure to entertain. Here’s a brief synopsis:

strange magic dvdBog King, leader of the Dark Forest, hates the notion of love and has ordered the destruction of all primroses, which are an essential ingredient of love potions. However, when he meets Marianne, a feisty fairy princess whose heart was broken by a philandering fiancé, he begins to change his mind. Meanwhile, an elf named Sunny makes his way to the Dark Forest to collect enough primrose petals for a potion of his own.

Even though my boys had already watched Strange Magic, they were pretty excited about seeing it again when the DVD arrived. Both of them enjoyed the conflict between the fairies and the bog creatures, and were delighted by the antics of the grumpy Bog King especially. Personally, I loved the soundtrack of the movie, which added to its energy and made watching the story even more enjoyable!

Strange Magic is available now on DVD and its message about the power of true love is one that’s heart-warming and suitable for the whole family. Grab your copy and enjoy great music, loveable characters and lots of laughter with your kids!

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2 thoughts on “Escape to a Fantasy World with Strange Magic on DVD”

  1. Millie Bittman

    I would love to win this DVD for my granddaughters- my eldest one loves science and magic and would adore this movie- over and over and over…

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