Have Some Retro Fun with Your Kids with Netflix Throwback Cartoons #StreamTeam

When I was a child, I was a little bit of a cartoon addict. Despite barely being able to crawl out from under the covers in time for school during the week, I would pop out of bed like a jack-in-the-box on Saturday morning to watch weekend cartoons. In fact, I once woke up so early that the morning kid’s shows hadn’t even started yet!

Now I have two boys that love cartoons as much as I once did, and while some of the shows they enjoy are ones that are brand new to me, others are throwbacks of cartoons that I once loved when I was their age. At first I’ll admit that it took some convincing for me to sit down and watch a revamped version of one of my childhood favourites. But once I saw a few episodes of some of the new shows, I was hooked!

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My personal favourite throwback cartoon is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When I was young, the Turtles first appeared as a Saturday morning cartoon series. A few years later, the live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie was released. While I’m sure I had been to the movies before, TMNT was the first movie I remember seeing in the theatre. And I enjoyed it so much that I managed to convince my mom to let me go back to see it three more times!

Sitting down to watch the new adventures of some of my favourite childhood heroes on Netflix was an interesting experience and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But it only took one episode to get me hooked on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles again. And my boys enjoyed the series just as much as I did! While Zackary’s favourite turtle is Leonardo and Benjamin’s is Michelangelo, I have to admit that memories of the movie have ensured Donatello is still my top turtle!

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Netflix has so many other fun throwback cartoons to enjoy with your kids and it’s a surefire way to bond together as old favourite characters enjoy fun new adventures. Watching The Smurfs movie is tons of fun for kids and sure to bring back memories of the eighties children’s cartoon for adults. And the new adventures of lasagna-loving Garfield the cat are a great choice too!

Throwback cartoons are a great way of reliving childhood memories while connecting with your kids, and Netflix makes it so easy to do that anytime. While my boys still watch plenty of brand new shows (and some that don’t enjoy at all), they’re also always happy to sit down and watch a few cartoons that I enjoy as well. And seeing Zackary and Benjamin excited about the antics of characters I once loved is something that always puts a smile on my face! Check out the extensive list of throwback shows on Netflix and enjoy some retro fun bonding with your kids!

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  1. There was a few I enjoyed when I was younger like The Bugs bunny and Tweety show, Fred Flintstone, Pinky and the Brain, Recess, The Jetsons and the list goes on

  2. I have always loved these classic and now try and get my nieces and nephews to watch them on VHS. The first question I get is what is that…..lol Old school I guess.

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