Store and Protect Your Family’s Data with the NETGEAR ReadyNAS 202

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Staying connected is something that’s important to my family not just because I work online for a living, but also because the Internet adds so much to our day-to-day lives. From having Skype conversations with distant family members to relaxing together while watching a movie on Netflix to sharing photos and videos, we are definitely a digital family.

NETGEAR has already done so much to revolutionize my family’s connectivity, and I honestly don’t know how I ever got by without the speed and strength of my NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 router. Now the company has a brand new product perfect for ensuring important family files are protected: the NETGEAR ReadyNAS 202!

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This diskless storage system is the perfect way to keep files safe, yet easily accessible. With dual gigabit Ethernet for fast data transfer and streaming plus five levels of data protection for maximum security, it’s the perfect choice for a family that wants to be able to access all their photos, videos and documents easily and securely.

The device, like all NETGEAR products I’ve used thus far, is easy to install and offers great functionality even for somebody with limited technical knowledge. The ReadyCLOUD mobile app lets me access any files on the device from anywhere in the world so that even away from home, I can download documents or pictures I might need. And it even automatically backs up photos directly from my phone! Since I’ve lost pictures before due to malfunctioning electronics, I appreciate not having that worry anymore!

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The ReadyNAS 202 also allows my family to stream videos right to our television smoothly with its 1.4 GHz processor, and can be customized with over one hundred advanced settings and add-on apps. For the time being, I’ve found the basic default settings work well for our family. But I appreciate knowing that if I want to customize the device in the future, I can do so with ease.

While there are other options available for cloud storage and syncing files, both free and paid, none offer the high level of security and power that the NETGEAR ReadyNAS 202 does. And with no monthly subscription fee and the versatility offered by the ReadyCLOUD app, it’s well worth the one-time cost of the device to ensure the files that matter most to your family are safe and accessible. Find the device at retailers across North America and make sure your family’s most important photos and information are protected!

18 thoughts on “Store and Protect Your Family’s Data with the NETGEAR ReadyNAS 202”

  1. Netgear is a great brand, I’m sure that this product holds true to my previous Netgear experiences! Anything cloud related scares me… but I probably should give it a chance!

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Good for people with limited technical knowledge – that’s me folks but I do leave all these technical bits and pieces to my son :-)

  3. How awesome! I like that You can access your files from anywhere away from home.This would be so handy!

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