Mastering Basic French Cooking with Motrin #MakeitHappenMonday

I have a lot of different interests and hobbies, but if there’s one thing that I especially love, it’s a challenge. The type of challenge doesn’t matter as long as I’m trying something new and that passion has led to so many great experiences, from swimming with whale sharks to perfecting restaurant-quality Chinese fried rice.

Now I’m teaming up with Motrin to take on a new challenge over the next two weeks. It’s one that I’ve thought about for quite some time. Since I love cooking as much as I love new challenges, I’ve decided to master three classic French recipes that will require learning some brand new cooking techniques. French food is so delicious and I’ve always wanted to be able to make a few of the most beloved dishes.

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I’ll be starting with a simple appetizer that looks impressive: Coquilles St. Jacques. Served in natural shells, it’s always a beautiful way to start a meal. Then I’ll perfect a flavourful Coq au Vin for a main dish. Finally, I’ll attempt flambé for the first time with Crepes Suzette for dessert!

And because bread is served with every meal in France, I’ll also be researching tips on making perfect baguettes so that I can bake one up. I have to admit, I’m especially excited about that since there’s just nothing more delicious than homemade bread!

Monday, being the start of a new week, is a great day to tackle new challenges, so I’m kicking off my adventure today by making my first batch of classic French crepes. I’ll be sharing my results on Instagram and Twitter; make sure to follow along with the #MakeItHappenMonday hashtag to see how I do!

If there’s a challenge you’ve been wanting to tackle as well, why not dive in this week and make it happen? Share the challenge you’re going to conquer using the #MakeItHappenMonday hashtag and Motrin will make a donation to Dress for Success when you do!


I’m so excited about the chance to learn some new cooking techniques as I complete my challenge. I’ll be finishing off my learning experience with a dinner party featuring all three of my new recipes and sitting down to eat is going to be the best reward after putting in all that the work. Make sure to follow along and share your own challenges over the next few weeks. With a bit of determination, we can all make it happen when it comes to turning “I wish” into “I will!”

Motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts, so that you can keep being the unstoppable woman that you are. Follow us on Twitter @MotrinCA for help and motivation through the aches and pains of improvement, or pass it on with hashtag #MakeitHappenMonday.


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47 thoughts on “Mastering Basic French Cooking with Motrin #MakeitHappenMonday”

  1. Wow that’s some challenge and I love crepes, to much work for me in my old age but use to make dinner and desert crepes, so good, can’t wait to see your results!

  2. Good luck in your challenge and can’t wait to hear all about it!! I would definitely need the Motrin if I was doing it!!

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