Summer is Full of Adventures with Dragons: Race to the Edge on Netflix #StreamTeam

My boys have a fascination with heroes, which is part of the reason they both loved the How To Train Your Dragon movies. Hiccup’s transformation from a misfit to a hero always left Zackary and Benjamin excited, and of course dragons make the movie even more entertaining.

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But now, my boys get to enjoy the adventures of Hiccup and his friends in a whole new way with the release of the Netflix original series Dragons: Race to the Edge! After the arrival of a fun box featuring snacks and some merchandise from the show, all three of us were ready to check out the new series. And we weren’t disappointed!

The show continues the story of Hiccup, Toothless and the other Dragon Riders of Berk as they discover a new species of dragon and a mysterious Dragon Eye with a hidden secret. The adventure is non-stop and there’s plenty of danger for the heroes, but family and friends help ensure that Hiccup, Astrid and the others always accomplish their goals.

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The boys had the chance to watch a few episodes of the show just before we left on a family road trip, and they loved the series so much that it was hard to get them into the car to leave! As soon as we returned home, they decompressed from their weekend of adventure with a few more episodes. I could see that this show would be a new favourite for quite awhile.

Dragons: Race to the Edge is on Netflix right now and if you have school-aged children in the house, it’s a great choice for a little summer screen time on a rainy day. Check out the series and let your kids follow the newest adventures of the dragon riders of Berk.

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