Treat Kids to Delicious Healthy Snacking with New Sabra Pizza Flavour Hummus

As much as I love summer, I have to admit that my family went a little more crazy with indulgences than we should have during those warm summer months. From decadent feasts of steak and ribs on the barbeque to dreamy ice cream concoctions on the beach, occasional treats became a little too frequent during July and August! But now school is in full swing, cooler weather has arrived and it’s time to get back on track with our usual healthy diet. And that means I need to have plenty of nutritious snacks in the house for my hungry boys!

sabra pizza hummus

Sabra Hummus has been a favourite with our family for years now. And just in time for the back-to-school bustle, the company has released kid-friendly Sabra Single Serve Hummus in new Pizza Flavour! With protein, fibre and a flavour kids will love, it’s a great choice for lunchboxes or after-school snacks. And as an added bonus, using Sabra Hummus as dip actually gets my boys excited about eating their vegetables!

Personally, I love the idea of turning cucumbers, one of my boys’ favourite snacks, into cute Cucumber Cups filled with hummus. It’s as simple as hollowing out the centre of a piece of mini cucumber and filling it with Sabra Hummus for a quick and healthy snack! While the Roasted Garlic flavour is my personal favourite for this treat, I have a feeling my boys will be choosing the new Pizza Flavour for their cucumber cups instead!

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My favourite treat is just fresh, crisp raw veggies dipped in my favourite Sabra Hummus. But I do love experimenting to create other tasty treats with the hummus too. From using it as a sauce on mini pita pizzas to going gourmet with hummus-stuffed chicken breasts, the possibilities are endless…and endlessly delicious! Grab some of the new Sabra Single Serve Hummus in Pizza Flavour for your child’s lunchbox, or stock up on the large Sabra Hummus containers for your fridge so that the whole family can enjoy nutritious and delicious snacks this fall!

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