Saggy Diapers Are a Thing of the Past Thanks to New and Improved Pampers Cruisers

When my boys were babies, I was amazed by how many diapers they sometimes went through in a day, especially once they reached that monumental one year mark.

As they started eating, drinking and moving more, their diapers got fuller and fuller and saggier and saggier! Pampers diapers were always a must in our house back in those days because I could trust the brand to prevent leaks even when a diaper was completely full. And now the company is innovating again with its newly improved Pampers Cruisers!

pampers cruisers

The new diapers use three separate absorbent channels instead of a single unstructured core so that wetness is absorbed more evenly throughout the diaper to prevent sagging.

The diapers offer a better fit for little ones while still providing up to twelve hours of protection. No sagging paired with the same great leak protection Pampers is known for makes this a must-try diaper for any mom with little ones!

And just for fun, every Pampers diaper features fun Sesame Street characters too! Toddlers will be going from sag to wag with the new and improved Pampers Cruisers to help!

The diapers are available now at Walmart stores across Canada, so make sure to grab a pack so your little one can experience the difference for himself.

And if you want to learn more about the technology that makes new Pampers Cruisers the best choice for your baby, visit to get details and check out a video demonstrating the no-sag difference.

cruisers technology

One of the many reasons that I always trusted Pampers diapers for my babies was because the company works so tirelessly to find better innovations for its diapers. After all, a better diaper means a happier baby and that’s something every mom appreciates! Check out the new Pampers Cruisers at your nearest Walmart store or online at and see why Pampers is the diaper brand moms trust most!

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164 thoughts on “Saggy Diapers Are a Thing of the Past Thanks to New and Improved Pampers Cruisers”

  1. Pampers Cruisers are usually our choice but sometimes if Huggies has a better sale we will go with them. I prefer Pampers so much more!

  2. Would love for my nephew to try them out to see if they would stop the sagging bum appearance. Thinking they might be a better fit for him.

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