Give Kids #5MoreMinutes Before Bed with Netflix Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites

If there’s one thing that I’m obsessive about, it’s keeping my boys on a bedtime routine. First they have a bedtime snack, then brush their teeth. I read them a book, put on some relaxing music and tuck them into their beds. The routine almost never changes and as a result, I generally don’t have to deal with too many bedtime battles.

But there are those odd times, especially during school breaks, when my boys will beg to stay up “just a little longer!” Usually, it’s when they’re watching one of their favourite Netflix shows on television and I have to admit that I usually cave when they ask if they can finish the episode before bed. There are all kinds of techniques kids use to get that extra bit of time, and Netflix Canada knows them all!

netflix bedtime stall tactics

In our house, my boys tend to tag-team me with two different styles. Zackary, my Master Negotiator, will ask to finish the current Netflix episode. I check to see how long is left and since it’s usually under 15 minutes, I usually agree. But then Benjamin, Mr. Forever Forgetful, will forget to turn off the television when the show is over. If I’m not paying attention to catch the end of the show, the extra few minutes out of bed can turn into half an hour!

If you’ve got your own bedtime avoider at home, Netflix has a great new solution that will help you tuck in your little ones sooner. Just promise the kids that they can watch one whole Netflix episode before bed. Then put on the new Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites! Little ones will love the episodes featuring the popular new Dinotrux characters and you’ll love that the kids will be done watching in just five minutes!

dinotrux 5 minute favorites

I consider myself pretty lucky to have kids that go to bed so well, but I still sometimes get tired out by those occasional requests for “five more minutes.” And the worst part is that when I’m in the middle of doing something else, five more minutes can turn into twenty! That’s why these little episodes are a such a great resource for a parent. Instead of doing something else, I just sit down with my boys for five minutes to watch and then ensure they head off to bed after. It’s win-win!

No matter what excuses your little one comes up with, letting a child feel like they’re getting their way in a small manner means less arguing when bedtime rolls around. Offering some choice and occasional compromise to an established routine means that a child feels heard, which is important too! And when compromise is as easy as an extra five minutes watching a fun Netflix show, parents and kids can both go to bed happy.

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  1. I think I was a combination of most of these styles when I was a youngster. Or at least I tried. Rarely got away with it.

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