Keep Your Child’s Hands Warm in Style this Winter with Sputtens-Giveaway

Today Saskatchewan had its very first snowfall and even though it melted as soon as it hit the ground, I know that soon the ground will be covered for the next few months. I find winter pretty depressing and exhausting at times, but there are a few things I do like about it…Christmas, sledding and, this year, Sputtens!

Sputtens are adorable little mittens crossed with sock puppets so that kids can play as they’re keeping their hands warm. The brainchild of momtrepreneur Shanna, Sputtens were created when she was at her wit’s end trying to find mittens that didn’t fall off (or get pulled off) her little ones. After resorting to old ski socks in desperation and finding they stayed in place better than regular mittens, she refined the design to create mittens that were water resistant and fun to wear as well as functional!

boy in sputtens polar bears

There are a few things that set Sputtens apart from the competition. As a mom, I love that the mittens come all the way up the arm to the elbow so that coat sleeves don’t fill up with snow. The longer arms of the mittens do mean that they need to be put on first before the coat, but also mean that they stay in place no matter how much my boys play.

And Zackary and Benjamin love the fun animal designs that turn simple mittens into a fun plaything! We received the Polar Bear and the Grizzly Bear Sputtens to review and Benjamin fell in love with the cute brown grizzly bear mittens at first glance. In fact, he wore them around the house all day just for fun! Today he had the opportunity to also wear them during recess at school and he was so proud to march out of the house with his two new friends keeping his hands warm.

While the mittens probably won’t be quite warm enough for our most bitter Saskatchewan days, I’m fairly sure that they’ll keep my boys’ hands warm even when the weather gets as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius or so. And since that’s the best weather for playing outside in the winter, that’s perfect for our needs. But as much as my school-aged boys love these mittens, I can’t help but think they’re an especially great choice for babies! My little ones used to make me nuts pulling off their mittens in winter, but that’s no worry with Sputtens!

sputtens sock puppet mittens on boy

If you’d love to surprise a child in your life with a pair of these adorable sock puppet mittens, you’re in luck! One lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader is going to win a pair of Sputtens in their choice of style and size, a $20 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which pair of Sputtens you would choose if you won.

These cute little animal mittens have already been a hit this year in our family, and I know they’ll only become more popular with my boys the colder the weather gets. Whether your little one is constantly taking off his mittens or you just want a way to make keeping little hands warm more fun, Sputtens are a great choice! Grab a pair today and surprise your little one with two new fun (and functional) friends!

Sputtens giveaway

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