42 thoughts on “Earn Cash for Purchases, Social Shares and Much More with Caddle”

  1. Caddle sounds awesome but not as convenient for us Android users. I will check it out on my computer though. thanks for the review.

  2. They don’t have this for Android do they? I can’t find it in the play store but looks like it would be another great site to earn money!!

  3. I wish they’d let everyone do the offers..like the date night, eating out one…finally get to eat out with hubby and its all taken? was sad about that as I’m sure it will be another 6-8 months before we both head to the city and can do this

    1. I hear that, Sabina! Some of the offers are so great that I’m sure you have to be quick on the draw to grab them. :) I’m sad I missed the gasoline one!

      1. gas had dropped down to 69.4 here for a bit (its back up to 73 now) so it was really REALLY hard to get $30 worth LOL

  4. Ive just started using Caddle and I can see it having great potential for money back.. I like that they have offers like uploading your dinner out receipt for cash back! So simple :)

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